House Training my Bichon with little time at home

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Isabella- Marie

Isabella Marie-
Barked: Tue Aug 17, '10 2:08pm PST 
My step-mom bought my little brother a Bichon Frise (Isabella Marie) and just doesn't have the time for her so she is giving her to me in a few weeks (I live with my biological mom). My step-dad is a NEAT FREAK so I REALLY don't want her to have accidents in the house. Aside from that, my other younger brother has allergies and I know that feces and urine carries allergens. I attend school and both of my parents attend work so she will be home alone from 7:30 am until 2:40 pm. I need to know the best way to house-train her with limited time at home. We have a crate so I was thinking about putting her in there during the day with no food or water, as that will limit her bladder contents smile . I thought I would bring her out once when I wake up in the morning, and once before I leave for school. Then take her for a walk when I get home, and let her out before bed. I was wondering if anyone else had any better ideas. Any experts out there that can help me??!