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Ear Infection Due to Grooming at Petsmart

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Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 10:50am PST 
Hello, All:
I took my 5-month-old Bichon puppy to Petsmart for grooming. My vet had recommended that I have his ear fur plucked. So, five days after seeing my vet, with my dog's ears in perfect health, I took him in to Petsmart for grooming. That night, he was fine. The next morning, he was shaking his head, but his ears seemed okay. The next day, there was discharge, which turned out to be puss, pouring out of each ear, and he was crying out in pain, shaking his head constantly, and was obviously sick. I rushed him to our vet. The staff were all horrified. They had never seen such a bad infection, especially not in a healthy, young puppy.
While wary, it was clear the my vet could not deny the connection between Petsmart and my dog's ear infection. It cost $400 for all of the medications. My dog is still sick, although better. I am writing this to warn everyone off of Petsmart's grooming services. It is clear that they used contaminated, unsterelized instruments in my dog's ears. I had no idea that they were not a completely responsible company. I'm also not sure how to proceed when dealing with Petsmart. Clearly, they ought to pay for the vet bills, but what about the day taken away from work, my poor puppy's pain and our mutual distress? I honestly don't know how to handle this. I'm afraid they might say that I can't prove it is their fault. I don't suppose any of you are lawyers, are they? But again, my main point is to warn EVERYONE not to take their beloved Bichon to this horrible company.
Thank you .

Barked: Wed Apr 14, '10 2:05pm PST 
Forgive me. I am sure that everyone is still at work. However, I would really appreciate any insight, be it medical, legal, or just how to get my dear puppy through this with the least amount of discomfort. (Example, because he puked after eating Greenies [pill packets] he won't eat them anymore, and I have to put his meds down his throat, which I hate doing when he is ill.)
Thank you so much, doggie-loving community!
As ever,

PET ME , LOVE- ME ..give me a- treat !
Barked: Tue Apr 20, '10 10:46pm PST 
HI , Im so sorry to hear of your pups problems...
It was not Pet smart or Petco...but I once brought my dog home with open cuts after a grooming I now do most of my own grooming ( Im not a pro and the dog looks it !) but he is also not cut up. I however use a local groomer to pluck ear hair... and do his nails once every 8 or ten weeks. My groomer does not use a hemostate to pluck ear hair she uses ear powder and her fingers only . the dogs ears have never come up with an infection this way. Otherwise I give him a bath , cut his coat and such myself.
One groomer sent him home without treating a cut and he was still bleeding when I put him in the car.... WAS I MAD! I will never use any groomer that will not allow me to watch the grooming process. The gals I take Mickey to now ... even alow me to help hold him If i wish.