anyone in OC california interested in playdates?

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Hello there! my name is Kelly, I like Berners and I think it might be a good match for my pup so I thought it might be good to post here as I am looking for a playmate for my puppy. I'm also interested in learning about berners as well! they seem like such good dogs : ]

I'm 23 and took time off of school to raise him, hes AKC registered, up to date on his shots and I am obedience training him.

He is a 5 month old very well behaved golden retriever pup who is well socialized and plays nicely with other dogs smaller then him and larger.

Right now he is 33lbs and I am looking to arrange some sort of get together for him to have a buddy! I don't have friends with dogs or puppies and I only have a cat that dosn't really get along with him that well and keeps to herself.

I can see he is kind of lonely in terms of other dog companionship and I don't want him at the dog park as i'm worried he will get sick and learn bad behavior from other dogs there, and don't want him in daycare because I don't want it to mess with his training.

My idea is for maybe once or twice a week for an hr to three hrs you could come over with your dog or drop them off for a little bit, we can sit and chat and they could wrestle and play in the living room or on the porch, I don't want him running around much anyway and as I do not have a yard and am in a small apartment.

Another option is if it would be more comfortable for you we could meet at the park and use the private owner dog run where it would just be the two of them, or you could even just drop your dog off here for an hr or two so they could play for a little bit each week and I could pet sit a little.

My pup is a male so preferably another male but I am open to females as well. Also would prefer another puppy who is up to date on their shots in the 4 mo to 9 mo age range or a yearling who has decent manners.

I just want my puppy to have fun time but in a monitored setting so he can have a buddy without me worrying about him learning bad behavior. He needs time to just have fun and be a puppy with other dogs. laugh out loud

If you are in the orange county area in california and are interested in maybe meeting with me and my dog please send me a email here: Kgkuro@gmail.com and we can talk more there and I would also be happy to send you photos of him! thank you and have a great day smilehappy dance