What is Baby Girl...

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Baby Girl

Barked: Sun Feb 19, '12 12:55pm PST 
Vet is unsure of her mix but says she may have Belgian Malinois in her, I honestly do not see that. She also has a purple tongue, vet says this could be from Chow, Akita, or Sharpei ... she looks like neither of these breeds. She is about 40 pounds and very slim in the hips and booty. Her rib cage is very prominent. Her head actually seems to big for her and she hangs her head and neck low like a hyena. Her neck is actually quite long like a hyena. She is also prone to bad teeth. Had them cleaned and we brush and put preventative on them and already getting bad again. She is extremely hyper and puppy like and rubs around like a cat. She may have learned this from her new sisters after I adopted her. Prior to me having her, she was never around other animals or men so she is a challenge....any thoughts on her mix?

some say shepard, grey hound, and even ridgeback but I think even mixes have the ridge? She does have a stripe of mixed matched color down her spine and the lighter shoulders and britches like a ridge....