is my dog a Belgian Malinois?

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lucky ducky
Barked: Thu May 20, '10 4:01pm PST 
We have had this dog for about 7 years. My mother rescued her from an abandoned apartment (of which she was the property manager) and we appropriately named her Lucky. She was told that the dog was a full blooded Belgian Malinois, but after looking at pictures and noticing that Malinois have erect ears I began to have my doubts. Can anyone verify this claim?
Gus Rayder- C.G.C. TD- RIP 12/19

Barked: Fri Jun 11, '10 8:42am PST 
I can't tell by the one picture you have of him if he is malinois or not. but my boy is also a rescue and his ears do not stand erect either. but he has been DNA'd and is very much pure belgian. maybe post a better shot of him?

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Barked: Fri Aug 10, '12 9:50am PST 
Our dog is a rescued Malinois too. We were told, by the people from the shelter, that she was a purebread too, but her ears have never stood up either. She's only a year old, and she was pretty skinny when we got her, and the shelter people said she was severely malnurished and had been very sick when she they got her (the owner couldn't take care of her when she got Kennel Cough and decided to give her to the shelter). She is still skinny and doesn't eat much (even though her bowl is almost always kept full), though she certainly has that extreme play/prey drive of a Malinois.
Maybe it's typical for rescued Malinois not have erect ears, since they may not have the right diety as puppies or something. They are bred mainly as working dogs, not usually as show dogs, so even purebred Malinois can probably vary from the breed standard a little.