I have a 1 yr old Protective- Aggressive Malinios

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psycho dog
Barked: Wed Jul 1, '09 1:00pm PST 
and have no money to get help training her, i was ignorant to socializing her as a pup but am trying so hard now. She is only provocted when she thinks i am being threatened. Someone wasu nlucky enough to throw a jacket over me with their arm and was seriously bitten. I love her so much i would never get rid of her i excersizde her like crazy



Barked: Wed Aug 12, '09 7:17pm PST 
Im not expert but I do know the basics. You must correct the behavior long before the actual attack. Usually with such a high string breed you should use a training collar or slip lead at the uppermost part of the neck. Any tiny sign of aggression like, growling, freezing, staring, lifting upper lip, ears back and staring and stiffening of the tail you have to correct immediately. There are many at home resources like the library houses many books on correcting dog behaviors, there is a training section in the forum where you can get advice from professional trainers and there is Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer that can give you some clues as to how to begin fixing the behavior.Be sure to consult a professional even if its through this site. Be careful and calm-assertive and reward positive behavior.

Hope this helps a little. Good luck with you Mali.

Barked: Sat Feb 13, '10 10:17pm PST 
hi i was reading your post and wondered if you had any success in solving your problem, if so could you give me any advice on mine?
i got my malinois puppy, honour, at 12 wks old, all was well in our househond at 1st and she got on well with my jack russell ( 2yrs ) and my lab x ( 9yrs ). at 5 months old however she started to launch unprovoked attacks on the lab x whenever they are in the house together, there appear to be no triggers for this. the problem escalated so they can never be in a room together without an attack taking place so we now have to keep them seperate. oddly though the dogs get along well when in the garden or out on walks. we have been trying 2 solve this behavior 4 the last 5 months, honour is now 10 months old, with the help of various dog behaviouristsand the belgian shepherd rescue society but have had no success. we do not want to give either dog up but are coming t0 the point were this is our only option, can anyone help? all suggestions welcome.