Any Mal breeders in the Northwest?

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Barked: Thu Jan 8, '09 6:15pm PST 
Well, I've always adored the Malinois breed, my first dog was 1/2 Mal and 1/2 BC, and she was absolutely brilliant and such an amazing dog. I've been researching the Malinois breed for about 2 years, and have decided that my next dog will probably be a Belgian Mal (or a rescue BC, the jury's out on that). I want to be prepared when I finally am in a situation that allows me to get a second dog, and while this might be a year or a couple years away, I want to start looking at breeders right away.

I live in Seattle, but any breeder in WA, OR, ID, or British Columbia, Canada, is a definite possibility. It's not that I'm not willing to go far for the right dog, it's just that I demand to meet the breeder and their dogs in person before buying a pup, and it would be awful if I spent a ton of money flying out somewhere only to find that the breeder wasn't of the quality I want.

So, do any of you Mal people out there have any breeder recommendations? I am looking for a working Mal ideally, as I want to do Schutzhund and Rally-O, but I do love the conformation ring, so if the dogs are titled in con as well that's a big plus. Health testing is also pretty important to me as well.

The breeder doesn't have to have a website, but it is a big plus if I can check them out without necessarily calling them or emailing them, as this pup is a ways off.

Thanks for any help!

Barked: Wed Jan 28, '09 11:08am PST 

http://www.souvenirmalinois.com/home.sht ml