How do you control a Malinois at the age of twelve?

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Barked: Fri Apr 6, '07 5:38am PST 
Hi there,
I'm in a major rush on this. You see, Jet is a big dog, and I'm a small girl. It's half the difference!!!!!!! Anyways, my problem is that I can't trust him when it comes to off-leash excercises. He's totally obssesed with balls(especially basketballs).It's hard for me to go walking around with him and it will be a miracle for me if Jet can come with me everywhere i go! He sometimes Jumps on me and I get bruised. The rush is that I have an agility competition coming on April 15 and I'm in the middle of a problem I can't handle. What I'm really scared of is getting disqualified for my dog is out od control or he runs away. Help!!! Any suggestions?

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Barked: Mon Jun 11, '07 7:23pm PST 
The first thing you should do with your Malinois is obedience classes. You can't compete in agility or any competition until you have control of your dog sweetheart. How old is your dog and how long have you had him or her? Malinois are extremely active dogs, their very rough in their play and are very strong even as young puppies. Is this your first dog ? Your parents need to locate a mentor for you with experience in Malinois to guide you.

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Barked: Sun Jun 17, '07 11:35am PST 
I agree with above poster.

Bel mals are very intense dogs. Even after lots of research and many years experience with other breeds, I was suprised when I got my first bel mal several months ago.

Find someone who has experience with these dogs to help you gain control.

Don't be discouraged though, even my 4 year old can give Bindi commands and Bindi will respond to them. Bindi will be 1 year old in August.

Its just going to take time, patience, and some help from an expert.


Barked: Thu Oct 9, '08 3:34am PST 
Mine just turned seven months last Oct. 8.
I'm finding time to bring him to an Obedience School pretty soon.