Need Help - Pooping on Beds!

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Daisy Mae

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Barked: Fri May 27, '05 8:26am PST 
This is Daisy's owner speaking. Daisy's in trouble and not allowed to play right now. I'm getting very frustrated with house training her. A little background: Daisy's 6.5 mos old and since I got her at 4.5 mos, she's gotten progressively a little better at not going to the bathroom in the house. Until last Friday, she didn't go in the house for a whole week and was even standing by the door when she needed to go out. Then, last Friday she went in the house and she's gone in the house almost every day this week. On Wednesday and yesterday, she pooped on my roommate's bed (yes, ON the bed - two days in a row) and last night she pooped on my floor and then jumped on my bed to finish. I'm getting so frustrated, I just don't know what I'm doing wrong or what to do from here. I'm big on verbal rewards. I don't give her treats because I don't want her to depend on them and I don't want her to gain too much weight. Also, she's in her crate all day while we're at work. She sleeps in bed w/my bf and I at night. My bf and I just got back together after a breakup 2 weeks ago. I've considered that might have something to do with it, but she absolutely adores him. I'd appreciate any suggestions! Thanks!
Jen (Daisy's loving, but frustrated, mommy)

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Barked: Fri May 27, '05 9:08am PST 
she does this while you're at home? If she's in her crate all day I'm assuming you work and let her out when you're home... does she go potty in her crate?
When you're at home keep a closer eye on her, maybe even limit her roaming area to the kitchen or something.. when u think she has to go, take her out immediately... better to take her out an extra time than have her go in the house.
Maybe don't let her go on the furniture unless invited... if she's not allowed on the furniture she can't poo on it, right ? smile
Be patient and don't yell at her for doing it unless u catch her in the act, she won't understand what she's gettin yelled at for.

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Barked: Fri May 27, '05 12:25pm PST 
Shakespeare's right about everything he said. Give his suggestions a go.

And he's super right about keeping a close eye on Daisy Mae. Until she's 100% housetrained, she shouldn't have free run of the house. She shouldn't even be able to get at your roommate's bed.

If you can't confine her to the room you're in, so that you can watch her like a hawk, try keeping her on a 6' leash in the house for a while. She'll have to stay with you that way, and you can react immediately when you see her doing her "circle dance."

I agree though, your boyfriend's return may well be part of why she's acting up. Think about it. She had her all to herself, and now there's this guy there, in HER bed! Sterling never did vindictive pooping, but he did have a phase (thank goodness we're done with that) where he would walk up to Gomer, his cat brother, and pee on him when he was mad at him. So also make sure Daisy knows she's still really special, even though she has to share you now.

Keiko- (4/8/98-12/5- /12)

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Barked: Sat May 28, '05 5:45pm PST 
You're right in thinking it may have to do with your bf. It probably has everything to do with it. Since he is back in your house, the pecking order has to be arranged again, and Daisy Mae is just voicing her objections, since she is now third in line instead of second. My Keiko did the same thing when my husband/then bf moved in with me. She started peeing on the floor (and she was almost 2yrs old!) and continued to pee on the floor until I moved out of that apartment. Let's hope your problem is not that extreme and it shouldn't be as your dog is still young.

All suggestions listed here are excellent. If unable to confine Daisy Mae, basically start over with potty training and start taking her out at short 2-3 hr intervals at night. Take her out as late at night as possible, and as early in the morning as possible. Crate her at night to make sure of no overnight accidents. Be sure both you and your bf give her plenty of attention to let her know that she is still loved and part of the family.

Good luck and keep your chin up!!