Agility with a Springer Spanial/Border Collier Mix

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Barked: Wed May 25, '05 5:03pm PST 
We got this dog as a rescue (and love him more and more each day). Don't get us wrong Stuart will be loved and well cared for, for the rest of his life. But he doesn't like agility. He did hurt his toe, but we took him to a specialist and got him all fixed up. Certain obstacles he can/will do but if he knocks bar or does the dog he walks around like a cripple.
Does anyone else have a mix that has a bunch of Springer Spanial in them that just doesn't want anything to do with agility. Which is fine with us. We thought with the Border Collie in him he would like it but he is pretty much a "Candy Ass". Though he loves chasing a ball all day long.

I just think he has more Springer than BC in him and he would rather just ran around the yard.

Any ideas?

Are Springer Spanials just not agility dogs?

Good Boy
Barked: Thu May 26, '05 1:03am PST 
I'm a Border Collie and don't care much for agility, but mum still does it with me and I get clear rounds for mum, but never fast. My little sister lives for agility and loves it, she won mum out of Starters by winning a class out of 133 dogs. I know Springers that compete at agility and do quite well and quite a few BC/SpringerX like you.

Bringin' Sexy- Back!
Barked: Thu May 26, '05 8:29am PST 
every dog is different, there are some borders that don't like agility, and i'm sure theres some springers that don't like it either. Maybe his heart's just not in it? Have you tried any other doggie sports?
Did his injury happen while he was doing agility?
Do you know anything about his life before eyou got him?
All those can contribute to his dislike of it... I don't think it's so much a breed thing.


Be true to your- pack
Barked: Thu May 26, '05 12:28pm PST 
Stuart, there is a common misconception among the 2-leggers that you Springers like to spring and us Border Collies like to herd.

Each time they start bothering you about agility class, turn away and ignore them. Eventually they will get bored and start performing desireable activities, like giving you treats and ear scrumbles.

In my experience, it takes time and dedication but the rewards for having well-trained owners are immeasurable.