too much barking

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I am just too- cute for my own- good
Barked: Tue May 24, '05 12:18am PST 
I am serious need of help. We are not able to watch anything because Louie is always barking at the television. If anyone out there can give me some advice on what to do I will truly appreciate it.

The Mighty- Labradorus--Rarr- !
Barked: Tue May 24, '05 8:46am PST 
Hmm.... I don't know-- I don't bark at the TV... I usually sleep while mom and dad are watching.

I would say anytime that he's (she?) not barking, give him lots of cuddles and positive reinforcement. Maybe distract him with a bone or a toy...

Basically just show him that he gets more attention for being quiet and playing rather than barking at the TV.

Got Bread?
Barked: Wed May 25, '05 12:23am PST 
great advice Morgan.

Also, maybe something about the TV is upsetting? Maybe your doggie's ears are very sensitive?

I'd check with your Vet and see if they have any advice as well.


Little warrior- within
Barked: Sat May 28, '05 7:09pm PST 
Yes, I agree that you should reward for good behavior. Does Louie know "Quiet"? If he is barking, tell him "no, be quiet", if he stops, even for a second, reward him. Of course try to jump in and reward him before he starts again. Try to avert his attention from the tv with toys, bones, luv, etc.

I've heard some people have success with training their dogs for various things by using a can filled with a few coins. If he is barking, shake the can a little to get his attention. The second he stops and looks to you, praise him up.

If nothing is working for you, you can try what I do with my dog (he barks outside). I have a small spray bottle filled with a vinegar/water solution. You don't need much vinegar in there. You could also use just water although that sometimes doesn't work. You again would tell him "no, be quiet". If he doesn't listen, tell him "Louie, quiet" and squirt him with it. Some people squirt in the face (I do, but he is a large dog), and some only need to squirt another body area. Once he stops, again praise him up.

As for if it is a hearing problem, does he respond the same way to the radio? If so, it may be his ears. In which case you will either have to turn down the volume or move him into another room while watching tv.