older Bernese attacking puppy

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Barked: Wed Mar 19, '14 11:06am PST 
it is a bit more serious and I have rushed upstairs a couple of times to find the puppy upside down with the older dog on top of him snarling
he has multiple scars that will always be there
that said he is 45 kilos and 10 months oldso not as fragile as he once was
and I never seperate them anymore but try and keep an eye on them where possible
most of the time they are fine but the confusing thing is the older dog puts up with the pup licking and jumping on him most of the time but the growling comes out of the blue like when the pup is in his crate alone at night

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Barked: Wed Mar 19, '14 11:12am PST 
Tough situation to be in. My overriding concern would be the welfare of the puppy. I mean, what impact are the attacks having on him, not just physically, but mentally? I'd be concerned about him fighting back, either dog doing some very serious damage, the puppy going on to show similar behaviour to other dogs outside the home, becoming depressed. A whole list of concerns really. So with that in mind you need to carefully weigh up the quality of life the pup is having and act on his best interests.
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I also would be very concerned about the damage the older dog is doing to the pup along with what will happen if and when the pup starts fighting back. That's very difficult to break up once they're in a knock down battle. The pup is approaching adulthood and he will go through changes. He "may" get to the point where he's had enough and fight back. It's one thing to break up 2 small dogs, but your talking about 2 very large dogs that can do some damage. That's when you run the risk of getting hurt. Please keep us posted.

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