Help with Fighting Females

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I have two dogs. The first one we adopted is a female Schipperke, Beagle, Greyhound mix, the other is a female Corgi that we recently (last June) adopted. We have had about 7 fights since bringing the Corgi home. These fights have always been over food, toys, or attention. We are now very careful to take up uneaten food after 5 minutes, to not encourage them playing together, and to give attention evenly. Is there any way to STOP the fighting or is managing the only real option? As near as we can tell the Corgi will nip our other dog and she responds by biting back which starts the fight. They are small enough my husband and I just pick them up and away till they are calm again then reintroduce them slowly. Is there anything else we should be doing? So far there have only been a few breaks of skin and no real injuries but we always stop it right away.

Oh and they are both fixed!

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I have no advice for you. Whenever I had 2 females at the same time there were always fights going on. For some reason the males all get along with each other, but the females together are alway a problem. Maybe that's why females dogs are called Bitcheslaugh out loud


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Are they spayed? Going into or getting near heat can cause aggression. I think part of it is just the dogs. All of our Bitches get along fine, but the 3 mail dogs have to be kept separate.

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I have to agree with Hucky and Ringo. From what I've read females are notorious for fighting with other females. Why I don't know. Our cats are like that too. The boys seem to respect each others space, but the girls are always hissing and swiping at each other. I would consult a trainer.
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There are many females who do great together, but when it goes bad between females, it often goes really, really bad. Get a behaviorist to evaluate them.

All the cases I personally know of where the situation couldn't be fixed and one dog had to be rehomed have involved two females. On the other hand, I do have two happy females here with me now, so don't give up without consulting a behaviorist.
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Addy is correct...it depends on the females. I currently have five females living together in perfect harmony, however I have rehomed several over the years doe to them attempting to kill each other constantly.