Advice needed urgently , 19 month old munsterlander/setters

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Hi We have two munsterlander setters both 19 months old and brother and sister.
The boy has always been a bit of a handful and will chase bikes joggers etc . Recently he has started chasing down other dogs and flooring them ( no biting)
It can be random dogs although a couple of which he always goes for but it is un provoked . The girl has started to do the same (occasionally) and has just set about a staffy again for no reason . The boy follows suit...

These are now unpredictable dogs as we have no way of knowing if / when and why they will do this.

We are really looking for advice please .

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My best advice to you is keep them leashed and seek the guidance of a qualified behaviorist. They certainly cannot chase things if they are properly restrained. Chasing down cyclists and joggers is dangerous and potentially deadly behavior that needs to be discouraged at any cost. If you cannot see your way clear to stop this then these dogs need to be kept away from the general public permanently. My only question is why you would have ever allowed this behavior to continue until it involved both dogs?
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Agree with Sabi . . . are they doing this at dog parks? How are they getting to interact with these dogs? They should be on leash so they can't chase anyone or anything.

What obedience, training have you done? What kind of daily exercise do they get? I don't know about munsterlanders specifically, but in general setters are pretty high energy and need a constructive outlet . . .Sounds like they are rowdy teenagers that need some training and counter-conditioning to not be reactive to these things. Find a trainer/behaviorist--you might check out Pat Miller's "the Power of Positive Dog Training" and Leslie McDevitt's "Control Unleashed" to get an idea of what your dogs need and where to start . ..

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While we don't deal with a lot of munsterlanders, those that we have either groomed or boarded do not, as a rule, get along at all with other dogs. Other than that, they do need LOTS of exercise, being hunting dogs.
I have to agree with the others...how are they getting into these spats if they are properly restrained??? That would be my first suggestion...keep them confined and/or leashed until you can contact a proper behaviorist and get these problems under control.
Meanwhile, keep them away from other dogs before some dog OR some person gets seriously injured.

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I've recently had some similar issues with my usually friendly dog. Nothing to major but they have been out of the blue and not something that he's been doing for a while. So it's back to basics for a while with him i.e keeping him on a lead, doing controlled greetings with other dogs and just brushing up on his basic obedience. I agree with the others that finding a good trainer/behaviourist would be my first step. In the meantime I suggest walking them separately, or if that's not possible having someone else walk with you to handle the other dog, and keeping them both on long lines so you have full control over them.

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How much exercise dot hey get?

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Sounds like they need more exercise or a vet check.

I thought my boy was starting to become unfriendly with dogs, his recall was slipping, etc.. it was pretty sudden too, but I just realized that right when it started happening, he had went from going to herding every week to once every 2 or 3 weeks. This last week he has been to two herding lessons and hes just been so wonderful since. It makes me feel really bad. silenced I thought he was getting enough exercise, we walk / run at least 5 miles a day, do obedience daily and hike for 10 - 15 miles a day every weekend (meaning up to 30 miles over Saturday & Sunday). But he could walk and do obedience forever, him doing what he was bred to do just gives him some special fulfillment.