Dog and neighbor problems help?!

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Okay so I know I just joined this forum but I have a HUGE problem and I don't know what to do! So I live in a not so good neighborhood, the kind where dogs like Pit Bulls are used as a way of showing how tough you are and what not (to be blunt I live in the ghetto, hope that won't be censored). So basically everyone here owns a Pit Bull all of which are bought off random "backyard breeders" and are never fixed. Both my neighbors own Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes (the mixed one is an unspayed female who is chained to a cinder block or crated outside all day, she is the WELL treated one frown ). My other neighbors have an 8 month old Pit Bull that they never care for, he wanders around the neighborhood and is never fed or given water, he has sores and calluses that bleed all over him, my neighbor's yard is full of dog hazards (broken glass shards from beer bottles, roofing nails and trash), his owner never plays with him, walks him, bathes him, or even keeps him in his yard. Most of them are...I don't know how to word it but I hope I won't be censored or banned...drug addicts and drunks? The son (age 20, or so he says) and his friends are. I've seen this dog kicked, had cigarette ash tossed on him and everything else. I originally gave him toys (which were thrown out) and a water bowl (never cleaned) but soon he just started coming to my yard (which is fenced in) and now I take care of him, it's like pet sitting only I'm losing money party (which is fine), every time I tell his owner about this he just says "oh it's okay just play with him over there," (a while back before he stopped feeding him he would say "I need a dog for my son, a dog that has my back,")the dog is very attached to me specifically now, he barks and growls at his owner and is very protective of me and my family. I want to keep him but I don't know about the legality of this situation,
so what should I do? The dog stays with me all day and night if that matters.

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You would get more replies to this if you ask to move it to Laws & Legislation.
Have you asked if you can keep him? If so, then I would start by typing up something that says he is giving you the dog, then have him sign it.
If he says no, then document the conditions of the yard, & everyday that you have him, including ALL receipts for food, etc.
Look up your bylaws & call animal control. This, frankly, is a big risk, especially in your neighbourhood. They would totally know who called..despite the *anonymous thing.
You can call a lawyer & ask for advice from him/her. They will be able to help you through the legalese of the system.
Good luck & hopefully someone can give you some more advice.

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Thanks for the help, I'll try that and will post the results smile


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Trust me honey, I know what a ghetto is like. There's one in my area, and I used to babysit a family of 6 who lived there. I would never wish anybody to live there. frown

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I lived in the ghetto for my whole life (I was born a couple years before it became ghetto actually), can't even walk down the street here without the fear of being kidnapped, especially if you're a teen girl. It messes with your head living here, the guy who owns this dog is being unreasonable. He wants us to keep caring for his dog without him even visiting but yet he still considers the dog his. The sweet Pit Bull doesn't want to be near him, I would always want my dog to be happy, if this dog was happier and safer with him then with me then that would be fine. But he's not. I take care of plenty of dogs and cats in the neighborhood (I had to give water to the other Pit Bull who was chained to a cinder block because the owners "forgot", that dog is a ticking time bomb, she is fearful of everyone but me. I can see why, she had chunks of concrete thrown at her. She has attacked one dog at least three times and badly too. It's sad how all these dogs are treated, they deserve love.)
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That's really sad. I see two main options here:

There are legal actions you could take, but as mentioned, it will be clear who you are even if you try to remain anonymous and if you keep the dog everyone will know where she is. Odds are she'll end up stolen, poisoned, and both of you regularly harassed.

I would look for a way to get her out of there and far away. It means you won't be able to keep her, which is sad, but she will be safe and loved. Look into contacting rescues and transport organizations that can take legal action for you, and can move her far enough away that she will just "disappear."

Or get out with her. This would preferable for both of you, although it won't be easy. Get everything set up with a job and new apartment. In the meantime, keep your receipts from dog food and other care that you are providing - you can use these to prove legal ownership. When the time is right, take your dog and go. Odds are there won't be much you can do to stop your neighbor from doing this again either way.

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Im not sure about the law but what about microchipping her..updating her shots ect..at least you would have some.form of documentation that she is yours..i wouldnt say anything to him.about it just do it..i would start reporting about the other dog and hopefully someone will come and seize her in the meantime you have set up proof that you own the dog u are caring for..get it licensed as well..anyone that hassles you, you tell them he gave it to you...now why would you put money into a dog thats not yours? to me that could be a reasonable argument for law enforcement

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If the owner is pretty indifferent about the dog they might let you adopt or purchase for a token amount?

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Why not just offer them a few dollars?