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I'll just take a- nap until you- pet me.
Barked: Wed Jul 17, '13 11:32pm PST 
I have 2 dogs that are more or less completely silent, though my 14 year old has started barking when people come to the door. I attribute this to his eyes getting old, he barks because he cant see as clearly as he used to. We're still working on "quiet" and it's going pretty well, he takes a lot of joy in barking at my dad and my sister though... not sure why just them lol, silly old man.
Sabi, Arya and Benni all had really good points about why a dog barks and offered very good tips on how to curb the behavior.
I also read your thread about the biting and it sounds to me like your pup needs more socialization, exercise and and basic obedience. Even if you want the dog to act as Guardian Dog you should still take care to make sure that he is properly socialized with people and other animals. A dog who is well balanced will know the difference between a situation where he should guard from one that is nothing to worry about. Dogs that are kept under socialized because "it makes them better guard animals" are often the ones that become dangerous or unmanageable.
I'm sure you probably love the dog but if you truly can't make time to properly train/socialize him maybe it would be best if you found him a home with someone who can before he develops behavioral issues or becomes hard to handle/work with. Olde English Bulls are pretty head strong and are a powerful dog (mentally and physically), they require more than a yard 24/7 and a ton of toys. Mental and physical stimuli are important for a growing dog, also make sure to have him neutered. If you're already having problems with mouthing a rush of powerful hormones probably wont make it any easier.
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