Severe Fear of Thunder

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Barked: Mon Jun 10, '13 3:57pm PST 
I have a recently adopted Pointer/Lab mix who is terrified of storms. I've tried various things to make them "fun" for her, but when she gets scared she just shuts down. I've tried playing with the other two dogs in front of her, no response other than her usual shaking, panting and pacing. I live in Florida, so there are thunder storms virtually every day during the summer. Benadryl is the only thing that seems to calm her, but with storms every day I rarely use it(and every time I do I feel guilty).

She has a pheremone collar, and is starting training with a professional next week to work on her general anxiety problems...but can anyone offer any kind of insight? Advice, success stories, anything?

I feel so bad for her during storms, but it's like there's nothing I can do for her. At this point I just let her hide wherever she's comfortable, put my ipad on a sound soothing app with rain but no thunder and calm music. I give her something to chew on (usually a nice treat) but she never touches it. I've stopped babying her, having just learned that hurts more than helps(from the "reinforces the idea that there is something to fear" standpoint, not the "reinforces negative behavior" one)...I'm lost. She is the first out of the six dogs I've had during my life who is afraid of thunder.

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Other posters can give you ideas. I know there have been several Cesar episodes with thunder fear. I used to live in Florida and I remember the daily rain. With Sophie she hides too, it's hard when we can't comfort them. Callie could care less about storms. He looks in on her shivering in the dark bathroom then jumps on the bed and lays down. We just leave soft towels on the floor and let her stay where she's comfortable. Good Luck