Anxiety with thunder and fireworks.....

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Barked: Sun Jun 9, '13 11:34am PST 
I recently adopted a 5 year old female Great Pyrenees. She has extreme anxiety with loud noises particularly with thunder and fireworks. I tried the thunder shirt and it doesn't seem to help. They've already started lighting off fireworks in my neighborhood and I think she now associates nighttime with loud sounds. She will not go out at night anymore even when there are no sounds. I have to pull her out the door and she when she finally does go out, she walks extremely slow and is panting heavily. She won't sniff the ground or even attempt to go to the bathroom. It's like she is just going through the motions. And I'm sure she does have to go to the bathroom and will hold it in until the next morning which worries me because it's unhealthy and also in case she has an accident inside. Any advice is greatly appreciated. shrug
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You have lots of options:
acupuncture to stabilize your constitution to handle stressful,situations as your breed is known for

Homeopathic remedies like aconite a 30C, single dose at sudden onset (there are combo remedies out there that might be another option)

Herbal tinctures (animals apawthecary tranquility blend is an easy one to start with)

Flower essences like rescue remedy or Mimulus or Rock Rose

Sound therapy with music specifically engineered to calm dogs ("Through a dog's ear" is one CD). It calms two leggers as well. Bonus!

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Another option...if you have a room in the house...we have an extra bathroom, but any room that can be kept dark-preferably with shades or no windows. Our upstairs bathroom is Sophie's safe room during storms. We keep the lights off and door cracked so she can wander out if she wants. often one or two cats will join her. She won't pee or poop during a storm either...but the tile floor and a couple old towels down is simple enough to clean up. Interestingly enough our other dog Callie doesn't notice storms at all, he'll look in on her trembling in the dark and give her a few licks...then come in to spread out on the bed, no worries...then again the shelter he came from had a gun range next door...Mr. Fearless