Help Can't housebreak Shih Tzus!!!

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I have two Shih Tzu's born one year apart. The first on is a male and is 6 years old and the other is a female 5 years old. The male is very nervous and skittish. The female is very laid back and was potty pad trained when we got her. I tried to crate train them, but the mail would cry constantly and the female would poop in her crate and eat it. She still will poop on the potty pad and drag it to her bed and leave it in little pieces. Very nasty! I take them outside about 6 times a day, but when my husband is home with them and not watching them, one of them pees on my diningroom rug and upstairs on the carpet. We've had to remove the downstairs carpet. I am desperate!! I want to get rid of them, but he won't.