Looking for my (former) Mommy?

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Hi everyone !

My Mommy adopted me 1 1/2 months ago. I was a stray, no collar, chip, tag & I wasn't even spayed. I am 3 1/2.

**Mommy is taking over now....

Whenever Cinnamon sees a slight-built, dark haired woman she just stops & stares & WON'T move. She FIXATES! Then she pulls to get to this person.

I'm assuming she thinks this is a (former) Mommy. She was very fearful when I first got her, but now she is great except for this issue. She was afraid of men & men in baseball caps, but now she is over it, thank Dawg. She is a very sweet, loving girl & I want for us BOTH to enjoy our walks. I talk to her softly & tell her that "It's okay, I am your Mommy now." But it really breaks my heart to see this behavior.

Does any fur have any suggestions?? Thank you!

Mommy, Cinnamon & her beloved Angel, Chloe
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Time! She'll forget in time, you could carry treats to get her focus back on you. Keep a cheerful voice and eventually she'll spend less and less time looking at these women and move on.

Jewel used to look at cars when I walked her and now she looks only at white trucks (what my dad drives). laugh out loud If it's raining and I'm walking her she tries to get any white truck to pick her up hoping it's Papa.

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Thank you Jewelkissing

The treats don't help - she won't even look at them

She is such a sweet girl in the house - it's just in the mornings, outside....

Gonna corral you, ok?

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Length of dog memory will vary. Some will hold a memory of person a long time... others, not so much. I wonder if it would help if you let Cinnamon get closer so nose comes into play? If vision says 'maybe' and nose says 'oops, no!', you might break the association more quickly. thinking

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Thank you - I'll try it - not too many people here speak English - mostly Russian & they don't always want to be bothered with a curious dog.... & they think they know best.

But I'll try it - as I've said = I rescued my Chloe from North Shore Animal League at 6 weeks - they called me when they had a litter & we were so blessed. ESPECIALLY to have her & love her for 16 years.

This is new - I almost didn't adopt Cinnamon because I missed my Chloe so much.

And now her looking for another Mommy (or more) who didn't take good are of her is even more hurtful. I LOVE our morning walks, but we will work on it. I really treasure her & know with her issues, she treasures me.

Thank you for your responsekissing

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While I do think she's made a connection with women with that appearance, I highly doubt it's her looking for her former owner. It's likely that she associated a person similar with good things, and therefore, wants those good things to happen by getting closer.

I wouldn't take it personally, and I wouldn't get heartbroken over it. She's probably still adjusting to living with you and no longer being a stray(it's possible too that it wasn't even a former owner, but perhaps someone who looked like these women was feeding her to help her get by on the streets).

She's likely to have a few issues and it'll be hard for both of you to adjust and work through them, but you can do it.

We're here for both of you as you need to vent, or ask for advice. Thank you so much for adopting Cinnamon. You sound like a wonderful home for her to have been adopted into. hug

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Thank you Charlie - I appreciate your feedback.....

I dunno - I got Chloe when she was 6 weeks old. This is new for me - I mean, having a pup with a past - but Cinnamon is a VERY GOOD, SWEET girl & we are lucky to have rescued eachother because I couldn't have lived without my Chloe! But I know, now, that Chloe sent her to me. Thank you again.kissing

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Rigby used to get weird with certain traits when we first got her as well.

Firstly I would definitely recommend enrolling Cinnamon in a good beginner obedience class. Even if she's totally great in every other aspect, this will help build a stronger bond between you two. An added bonus would be if a slenderly built dark haired woman were to be in the class smile

As a former foster I definitely saw the frustration and pain that the new owners encountered when I took a class with another dog whilst they were in the same class. Broke my heart as well. Even with Rigby, some people used to grasp her attention like

As they say though, time heals all wounds. It may take a bit of work, but I am certain that this fixation will pass with a bit of time and work. Best of luck!

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Thank you Rigbymeditatemeditatemeditatemeditateflowers