How Much for a Private Lesson

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I just need feedback. We live tri state so everything is usually inflated anyway...but how much does the average trainer charge for an initial meeting? There is a local person who has offered to meet with us for $100 for an hour the first time and $50 thereafter. Is this reasonable?

I know people charge for their time, but if she meets Callie and is uncomfortable with him-which wouldn't be a big surprise, he looks intimidating as all get out if you're not used to bullies...or if she suggests chokes or prongs which I do not agree with at all for my dogs...does she charge me anyway? How does this work?

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I would ask her what her training methods are, what kind of dogs she's worked with, if she's ever done anything behaviorally, etc before you ask her to come over. These are things you should find out first before money is even talked about.

As an average? My in-home trainer charges $75 and hour but our initial was in fact $100 I believe. I've seen others charge $95 and I've also seen one as high as $125. My trainer is absolutely fantastic, much better and higher caliber than the one that was asking for $125. So price isn't always indicative.

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Yep, definitely want to get a feel for the trainer first and understand their methodology before you commit to payment.

My favorite local trainer, massively experienced and one of the few people I would spend money to bring into my home to work with my dogs, charges $75 an hour and usually does her consults for free (only charges for long distances).

Some of the local yokels who I wouldn't trust as far as I could throw charge upward into the $150+ an hour rang, which is pretty extreme to begin with, let alone for the sub-standard services they offer.

Just be careful with who you pick!


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Thanks for the inputpuppy I'm thinking I should talk to her on the phone about training methods and what breeds she's experienced with. Something vague like "Oh, all kinds" is probably a red flag. Then since she only lives a few blocks away perhaps a brief-15 to 30 min-meet and greet with Callie.

That way I can observe how confident she is and his reactions too. If he sniffs her and she scoots up the nearest tree...

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Along with having a chat on the phone with the trainer regarding experience, training methods, what equipment they use and recommend etc., I'd see if the trainer teaches group classes as I'd personally want to observe a class before scheduling a private session. I want to see how the trainer interacts with different handlers and their dogs.

In my area, private sessions are about $60 per hour and I consider that more than reasonable.

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Koby's trainer charges $60.00 per private session with a discount if you pay for 6 sessions up front. I have an advantage of knowing this trainer before hand. So, I was/am very comfortable with his techniques. He has drop in classes every week that are $25.00 each. We live in an area that everything is inflated, but I think he gave me a discount because I'm a repeat customer. Hope that helps.
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Definitely contact her/him and have a phone conversation or email asking all the questions you want about methods and his/her background.

I've never seen pricing like that but it's certainly reasonable for hour lessons (especially since follow up lessons are only $50).

The price for a trainer varies extremely widely depending on your area. In my area a skilled trainer often charges somewhere between $65-$95 a lesson (or hourly if that's how they charge). I've seen certified behavior consultants up to $115/lesson. Some trainers will offer packages of lessons at a lower per-lesson fee for prepaying for groups of lessons (quantity discounts so to speak).
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Chiming in to encourage chatting with the instructor before scheduling a lesson.

Prices for private lessons are high both where I used to live and where I live now. $100 was common. Package plans provided discounts with most trainers I interviewed.
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Oh yeah, if your trainer teaches groups all the better -- ours is letting us attend one of her groups for free outside of our privates. A lot will at least give you some sort of deal.