PLEASE help!! Shihtzu that refuses to potty train!!

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I have a 4 month old shihtzu that refuses to be potty trained. I am crate training her and during the day I'd say she goes 10 plus times a day. She will go outside and stay and mess around, sometimes for over 20 minutes but won't do anything. Then she will come in and pee in the house not even 5 minutes after being in. she does pee and poo outside too. I have never had a problem like this training a puppy before. shock
If anyone could please help me. Thank you!

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I have an Italian greyhound and they are notoriously hard to potty train . It took me over a year, and now he is good at home but he uses pee pads and goes outside. Have u tried pee pads? Or a doggy litter box. Alot of small dogs use them if u are completely opposed to this take her out every 2 hours and keep her leashed to u in the house.

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I hate to tell you but both of my Shih Tzu's have been impossible to train. If you figure it out, let me know!


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She is still quite young, remember. I suggest you leash her when you take her out. Don't let her mess around for 10 minutes & don't take her in until she does her thing. Leash her, take her to the same spot each time, give a potty command, & praise like crazy when she pees. Then she can play off leash for a bit. If she doesn't pee, she goes back in side to her crate, then try again in less than 10 minutes. You need to watch her like a hawk..as soon as you see her sniffing, circling, carry her outside to her spot..on leash.
I don't like pee pads, litter boxes, etc. It confuses the dog. "Do I pee inside or out? Why is this pee spot OK, but that one isn't?" Best to just be vigilant & build the association that peeing is done outdoors.
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I agree with Squam. I prefer it to be one way or another, inside or outside, and outside should always be it. Leash, treat, bring inside ... With a dog who has gotten into a house soiling habit I would be tethering her to me when she's uncrated so I could stop her going for it if she tries. I've known plenty of shihtzus and other small 'difficult' breeds that were perfectly house trained so it's not certainly impossible. You just need to be hyper vigilant about it.

It sounds like she's peeing an awful lot, though. A vet check for A UTI might be in order as well.