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Yohei Akira

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Barked: Sat Apr 20, '13 12:19am PST 
anyone,help me please?.. i have a 4months old shih tzu puppy,i used to carry him with me at my mom’s store (sorry for my english) the problem is., he entertains (wagging his tail,standing up on his chair like he was saying:pick me up here) every customer who enters the store even though that was the first time he saw the customer..how do i stop that behavior bec i am worried that someone could steal him away without barking.please help

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That's pretty normal behavior for a 4 month old pup, and frankly, not something I'd want to discourage. I think it's wonderful that you're able to take your pup to a public place where he gets to meet lots of people. And you may wish for barking now, but when he finds his voice you will probably prefer the quiet!

If you're worried about someone stealing him, you need to keep him in an enclosure and make sure someone's watching him at all times. Could you put him behind the cash register so that he's not within reach of customers?

Some things you can be teaching your pup at this point are a place cue (so you can tell him to go to his bed or kennel if someone enters the store that doesn't want a little dog's attention) and how to sit nicely for greetings.
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I agree with Lupi..

Keep in mind too that if he barks at customers, he may very well deter customers from coming in, or even returning to the store. I know I don't like going into shops where I have dogs barking at me. I like to get my shopping done in peace, without being barked at or harassed for attention. If I wanted that, I'd go into a pet store.

At four months old, he's still just a baby, and with him being a smaller breed, I'd love and use the opportunity for socializing him properly to strangers. The only way you will ever keep anyone from stealing him, is by keeping him supervised while at the store.