It's their language-and apparently my accent sucks.

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I was enlightened yet again as to how poor my doggish is, as opposed to Lupi who (obviously) speaks it fluently.

On Thursday morning my DH and I noticed a Cocker Spaniel mix running down the middle of our street. He was alone and clearly confused. We tried calling to him, but that made him more frightened and he would just bark at us. We tried cheese, which he ate if we threw, but then ran away. I tried crouching down with open arms, turned away, running the opposite direction, sitting with my back to him (holding out cheese)-you name it!

At this point it was starting to snow and getting colder. He had already narrowly missed getting hit by a van, which fortunately saw him and stopped. I started to really worry.

That's when I did what I should have done at the start. I leashed my dog and took her outside. She ran up to him in a friendly way, and he stayed put to greet her. I fed her some cheese, and he started taking it from my hand. He then began following us down the street, and if he stopped to sniff, Lupi would turn as if to say, "C'mon Buddy, we don't have all day!" He happily followed her into the house, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

The funny thing was, although she tried to play with him, the other dog wasn't very interested in Lupi once he was in a safe place. In fact, he became a total cuddle-bug with me. But when scared and confused, it was a fellow canine who could reach him.

Happily, the little guy was reunited with his family by the end of the day. And next time, I'll use my interpreter right away.

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Lupilaugh out loud
Glad you got him home safe. I hope his family was adequately frightened and will prevent this in the future.
Sabi barks commands rather then invitations, which really only works on young dogs so she is useless to me. And AC is worse then useless most times so I fall back on the car keys a lot. But yeah, my doggish is a bit sloppy toolaugh out loud

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Sabi, thankfully in this case AC was prompt and effective. The dog had no tags on his collar, so I had no means of finding out where he lived. I actually think he had somehow escaped shortly after his owners left for work and they realized it when they got home. I called AC, and someone came within half an hour. Less than an hour later, his picture was up on their website, and by 4:30, it had been taken down.
The officer (is that what they're called?) who came to get him was really nice too.
Reading about all the reported dog incidents that have been happening here, I wonder about some of these so-called "aggressive" dogs. This dog appeared aggressive at first too; barking at us, growling-but once he felt safe he was nothing but sweet. I wouldn't have been surprised if he would have tried to bite, had we cornered him and tried to grab his collar.

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Oh boy, the number of loose dogs I've found in this city is insane. Multiple pits and mixes thereof, a number of hounds and shih-tzu mixes as well..

And oh my, the number of times Charlie was found in his first two years of escape artistry and returned home to me. One time, he managed to get out of my backyard(and only did it because there was a dog walker going by with a dozen dogs), and she ended up seeing which yard he came out of and brought him to my front door looking thoroughly unimpressed with me, lol. I learned my lesson, invested in a good dog run and he's never escaped since, but still.

Most times when I see these loose dogs, I'm alone, or on city transit, or (was)going to work or school.

I still remember, however, when my fiance brought home a stray Pit Bull that he found on a VERY dangerous highway in the city. Two women had pulled over to try to keep the dog off the road but were too scared to go near him(he was HUGE), so my fiance pulled over, grabbed some rope from his truck bed, walked right up to this dog who was more than happy to get attention, leashed him up and brought him home. At the time, he had wanted to keep him if we couldn't find his owners and I would have been okay with it, but Charlie didn't like the dog(Charlie, for some reason, seems to have issues with Pit Bull type dogs - I think they intimidate him or scare him) and went after him. LUCKILY for us, the dog just shook it off. He was MAYBE a year old when we found him. We took him to a local Vets, no collar, no tags, no microchip, nothing. I believe he ended up with the local Pit rescue.

I DO find dogs speak their language better though when it comes to frightened dogs. Maya was excellent with that, because she wouldn't even show much interest - she'd do her own thing and let the dog come to her on their own terms.

Glad the pooch found his way home, and I, too, hope that they learned their lesson or figure out how the dog escaped so they can prevent it in the future.

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That's an amazing story. I've read a lot of loose dogs here on Dogster but this is the first time that a person made use of an 'interpreter' to coax the other dog to come. It's actually a good idea that I never thought of back then. Good job to you and your dog. way to gocheer