Was it my fault?

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Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 5:55pm PST 
I don't believe you were at fault - no. Dexter was under vocal control at all times, especially if you could call him off a chase. I do feel he was reacting to his fear and took it out on you - not ideal, but not something I'd be entirely concerned about either. His dog should clearly not be off leash.

That said... I've had something somewhat similar happen to me before. Someone else was in the wrong and they took it out on me because they were upset. Two Rottweiler mixes jumped my family dog, Regan(Rottweiler), and began attacking her at a local off leash park. One of them had a ball in her mouth, and Regan went to sniff her behind and say hello. The dog snarled, the second dog jumped in and they both attacked Regan for trying to say hi. I was the only one trying to break up the fight and when I managed to get the other dogs away from Regan(who had cowered and was shaking and never once fought back), the owners continued walking, saying "It wasn't OUR dogs fault." Right... Because you bringing your (obviously)toy possessive dog to an off leash park didn't just start a fight where one could have been prevented. Regan never once went near the face of the other dog or the toy - she wasn't interested in toys. Luckily, my dog was fine and I managed to break it up without getting bit or injured(amazing with two strange large breed dogs attacking your own as you try to pull them off).

I was fuming when I left. I leashed up Regan and left immediately. I didn't want to run into them again and she was frightened and pumped from the attack, so I didn't want anything else to come of it either. Felt it best to walk it off and go home. She was fine and there were no lasting effects, but all the same.

They reacted to it by blaming someone else, and getting mad at me for daring to bring my so-called 'aggressive' dog to the park too.

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Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 6:16pm PST 
No. No it wasn't.


I've been on both sides of this kind of situation and the guy was just taking his very frightening experience out on you...

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Around the middle of your post, I was already expecting the worst. I mean, it was a busy street after all. But I'm glad the dog made it safely back to his owner. To be honest, I really think that owner just said things out of anger and he couldn't blame it on his dog or himself so he took it out on you. Also, his dog has bad recall. Just saying.


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Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 6:36pm PST 
I have an Italian greyhound and I would never in a million years let him off leash if he was not fenced in. I can't believe anyone with an Italian greyhound would let their dog play in that kind of area.
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Barked: Tue Apr 16, '13 1:26am PST 
Tyler, I guess you're right about dog parks. Maybe 'luxury' wasn't the right word... I meant it more about the fenced off part puppy

There really is no fenced areas that you can let your dog run around in and that's not great but it means owners do have to teach their dogs to be good off-leash...

Thanks for all your replies puppy they've made me feel a lot better about the situation... I didn't take the dogs to that partIcilar field today, I took them somewhere else and we had no issues puppy

Calling Dexter off the chase is something I've worked so hard on so I know he's reliable in those situations puppy If he wasn't, the outcome could have been much worse.

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Barked: Tue Apr 16, '13 6:56am PST 
It's just a case of different beliefs and experiences really. All the sighthound owners i know of have no issue letting their dogs off lead in unfenced areas. There are a few that can't let theirs off and have to seek out fenced in areas, but it's certainly never been my experience that sighthounds can't be off lead in "free" areas or that it's irresponsible to do so.
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Barked: Tue Apr 16, '13 7:19am PST 
I personally wouldnt have an Iggie offleash... Ive met a fair few of them, and they all seem easily spooked! So on that note, you weren't at fault at all IMO Dexter! You had complete control of him, and it was up to the owner of the IG to have control of his dog.

I think our more relaxed attitude to offleash in the UK often results in better behaved dogs... Or at least more dogs with good recall, and maybe dogs that are too tired to misbehave big grin . I walk in a park that is pretty busy, and even with Trix who doesnt like other dogs we rarely have issues. She is offleash for at least 50% of the time - only put the leash on her when we see another dog. I'd hate for there to be dog parks here.. I love that I can walk in a "normal" park in a setting where dogs are offleash, but not expected to interact or play together.

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Barked: Tue Apr 16, '13 10:43am PST 
Dog owners like that guy you encountered shouldn't really go around with their dogs off the leash unless they are 100% confident that their pets could master recall. Had it been an unfortunate day, that owner would have gone home with a dead dog. Sometimes owners need to learn these the hard way.
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