Was it my fault?

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Dexter *CGC- silver*

If it moves - Herd it!
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 1:20am PST 
I'm currently very shaken up... I can't figure out if I'm angry or upset... or both :o/

This morning I took Dexter and Skip to a park close to us for a run around. There are always lots of dog there with their owners and we usually have a great time.

The park is situated next to a main road and a train line so it's always very important that you have good control if your dogs.

I was walking along with a guy who walks his Staffie at the same time I'm usually there with the two boys...

This morning though, a man came walking towards us with an Intalian Greyhound... It made straight towards Dexter and Dexter, in typical BC fashion, lay down as it approached... It finally got to him, had a sniff and then Bowed in front of him in a playful manner before running around him in circles.. Dexter took this as his que and jumped up and ran to him. But the Italian Greyhound got spooked and ran... Dexter loves to chase and it's never really an issue with other dogs but this little Italian Greyhound started running full speed towards the road. His owner started screaming at it and I shouted on Dexter who turned straight around and came running back to me.

The Italian Greyhound however, ran straight out of the gate and along the line of traffic. His owner was screaming and running towards the road so I put Dexter and Skip on their leash and the person I was with put his Staffie on the lead... And we held our breath.

Eventually the Italian Greyhound ran back in to the park but it was a scary moment.

Skip and the Staffie were playing in their own little world the whole time and didn't even look at the Italuan Greyhound.

But! The owner then came back over to me and started shouting at me in the middle of the park. Telling me that my dog was out of control and aggressive and I should sort him out.

Now, I'm a very calm person but if anyone says anything about my dogs out of sheer anger, I'll defend them.

I calmly told him that in fact, my dog was completely under control and polite to his dog and it was his dog that got spooked.

But still, he shouted at me for five minutes... The man with the Staffie defended Dexter also and eventually the Italian Greyhound owner stormed off with his dog.

At first, I was sure my dog done nothing wrong but now that I'm home and thinking everything over, I'm not so sure :o(

Was Dexter to blame in some way?

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Black dogs rock!
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 3:15am PST 
My heart was in my throat reading this. I am *so* glad the dog was OK. That said, the man has an Italian Greyhound and it was off leash near a road and a train track ?! I know a lot of people will say that some hounds are OK off leash but as a general rule the majority are not. It does not sound like Dexter was agressive in any way and apparently the Staffie owner agreed. This sounds more like Dexter being a herder and the Italian Greyhound being a Greyhound. Some dog's play styles just don't mix well and this may be an example of how that can go wrong. The man was most likely just upset and took it out on the nearest target. I am sorry you had to go through all of thathug
Alva BH

I ordered the- best dog for me- & got her
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 4:05am PST 
I met once a Dutch shepherd puppy in a park in the middle of the city I lived in. He might have been off-leash, I don't remember any more, but anyway, I cuddled him and accidentally stepped on his paw. He got scared and ran off. I and his owner chased him across the park and some streets. Luckily, the puppy ran home uninjured. I felt so guilty about it. What if that puppy had ran into some busy traffic and got hit by a car or disappeared forever?

Yet we can not foresee everything... I could not know that I would be so clumsy that I would hurt that pup and you did not know that dog would get so scared.

Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 5:45am PST 
No i don't think you did anything wrong and I certainly don't think Dexter did anything wrong except be a playful dog with his own play style. I hope it's a lesson for the other owner. Sir, you have a dog that will run off wildly when spooked. It won't be the first and it won't be the last. I hope they learned a lesson, and leash their dog.

It doesn't sound like any of the dogs were leashed. To be honest, you are taking a chance not leashing if you are around a busy area. I'm glad you dogs are ok...but again, you didn't do anything wrong. I'm glad the other owner stuck up for you. Just because someone yells at you doesn't make you wrong wink

Glad the dog was safe and okay...again, scary situation relieved
Dexter *CGC- silver*

If it moves - Herd it!
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 5:53am PST 
Thanks guys puppy

I feel a bit better now that I've calmed down...

Scooter, over here we don't have specific dog parks :o( and because there's no leash laws any dog can be off-leash anywhere, which I don't particularly like, but us responsible dog owners have to make do with open fields or parks that we can use... Most of which are close to roads... It does however, mean that most dogs are very good off-leash when you meet them in these places -they have to be...

But my car is in the garage at the minute so I had to go to this park rather than a country hike with the dogs :o(

Dogs being walked off-leash next to busy roads is very common in the UK...
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 6:08am PST 
At the end of the day, he had a dog with bad recall off the lead. In these situations, you really can only hold yourself to blame if something unpredictable happens and your dog bolts.

I got the blame for a similar thing once, except the ending was much worse. I was walking up my street with Jackson on his leash and two small dogs ran out from their front yard. Jackson began barking and they spooked. Unfortunately right at that moment the owner came home in her car and one of her tiny dogs went straight under the front wheel. I took her and her dog to the vet straight away (she was too upset to drive) but it needed to be put down. She has NEVER forgiven me and blames me for walking past and scaring her loose dogs, but really, if you choose to let your dogs run free, you have to suck it up and shoulder the blame if something goes bad. It's really that simple. shrug
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 6:31am PST 
I have met many dogs like that greyhound! And most owners of dogs like that KNOW their dog is like that.

The dog goes to play and when the other dog engages them, the dog gets overwhelmed/scared and runs off.

It's not your fault at all. I highly doubt the owner never saw the behavior before in his dog.

I\\\'ll do- anything for a- treat!
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 6:36am PST 
It certainly doesn't sound like it was your fault, or that of your dog. The IG owner was probably just so shaken up and scared that he blamed you without logically examining what had actually happened.

When Lupi was still a pup, two large dogs charged towards her at the park and she ran all the way to the parking lot and hid under a car. It could have been disastrous. But we've worked extensively with her on recall, and she will return from chasing a rabbit now.

When a large dog scares her now (it only happens rarely) and I can see her wanting to run, I tell her to stay. Then I distract the other dog with petting until he loses interest in her or his owner calls him back.

I am a HUGE believer that no dog should be off-leash in areas such as you described without a solid recall. Good for your pup for returning to you when you called!
Czarka, CGC- UJJ

Why walk when- you can run?
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 6:50am PST 
Human was frightened... and one reaction is the shouting. Just as the dogs communicate on different levels, so do we (rofl).

As for the dog side? The whole package of communication was fairly standard. When we dog park... the canine world is pretty much bold/confident, normal or timid. The Italian Greyhound sounds typical 'timid'... _I_ would not bring a timid dog into a group setting... it rarely builds confidence to put it mildly.

Glad all survived. Your fault? Hardly! laugh out loud

The Monster
Barked: Mon Apr 15, '13 6:51am PST 
I agree that it's not your fault. However, as the owner of a reactive dog I wanted to throw in my 2c about how difficult it can be when you're walking down the street with a reactive dog and another dog comes towards you with their head low and doing that playful stalking thing dogs do. It makes getting past this dog and handler without incident infinitely more difficult. So, it'd be nice if you can call your dog away & out of the crouch if the other dog seems uneasy or stressed.
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