Teaching Quiet

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Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Sat Apr 13, '13 5:14pm PST 
Kashmir has always been a barker especially when someone walks by the windows. I am trying to teach her quiet and its going pretty well but I have one question. My bf lives with his brother who she will bark at. She also will alert bark/growl when we're in the bedroom. Can the quiet command help stop the alert barking also? And how can I stop her from growling at his brother?

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Barked: Thu Apr 18, '13 5:01pm PST 
Can his brother greet her at all? I mean, can he come up to her without being bitten? If so, have him feed her treats. Something she would die for and only use those treats for that specific thing. If she will bite. Have him throw her treats from a safe spot. The quickest way to a dogs heart is through their stomach. As for the barking, I'm working with a trainer right now with that with Koby. He's a barker and very fear aggressive. I really don't have any suggestions on that. Maybe someone else will.