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A curiosity with my puppy

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Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 12:35am PST 
At his age, this behavior is normal. Expect the honeymoon to be over in about two months time, when he's four going on five months laugh out loud That's around the time they will start to more boldly seek independence and test limits.

The way Dogster works I can't tell the precise age of your pup in terms of days, but be a little careful with neighborhood walks as he may still be vulnerable to contracting viruses. Also, he is in what is known as a fear imprint where bad experiences will be ingrained further than at other ages, so be a little cautious against being too experimental at this time. Past twelve weeks, the world is more your oyster way to go
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