Help! Very Mouthy Young Adult Pit!

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I'm fostering a pit mix who is around 18 months old. She's a good dog, but I'm getting very frustrated with her almost constant mouthing. She has every chew toy, bone, hoof, antler, or kong you can imagine. When she does chew on these, she's great, but when she's not, she's trying to chew on my hands or feet. When I'm able to hide my hands, she goes for anything else - my arm, neck, ears, nose, face.

I've tried ignoring her, placing toys in her mouth and walking away, but it gets very frustrating and exhausting when it goes on for hours at a time. I'm writing this standing at my kitchen counter because she won't let me sit on my couch and relax.

Any new ideas would be great! I don't know what else to do to break this habit!

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This sounds kinda complicated. This dog sounds like she has a lot of energy. It also appears you are trying to redirect the dog's mouthing to the toy which is a good training method.

I think kongs are nifty. What are you doing with yours? Some dogs can get the stuffings out quickly. One thing I would do is fill it up with very tasty canned dog food. Then block the opening with ice cubes, then freeze it. You can try blocking it with dog biscuits too. Whenever your dog plays with the toys or chews on the appropriate things praise her.

Also what kind of things do you do with the dog? She may need more exercise to drain some of her energy. What she is doing is playing with you, but rudely. Does she fetch? can you take her swimming? Have you been walking her regularly? If you can I would run her and then try obedience training her afterwards.

Have you taken any classes with her or tried training her? These activities can help your dog focus on you in a more constructive way. She sounds like a wild beast with no direction.