Have you ever shouted at your dog?

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Miyu CGC

Bow down to the- Princess Brat!
Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 4:20pm PST 
Oh yes. Not often, I generally don't, but once was when they were in their crates, her and the foster, SCREECHING because they were crated whilst we were trying to move stuff out of the living room onto the curb (it was bulk trash pick up day! XD) I'll confess, I went up to holler, multiple times. Squirt bottles didn't work! Oh man. Neither did the hollering, unfortunately.

The only other time I've done it was a snarf that took place between her and the other foster at like. 4 in the %^&*ing am. O.M.G. It was my first ever experience 'witnessing' a snarf, and when I heard it I rolled out of bed and HOLLERED in my deepest voice, I was so terrified.

That did the job.

Those are the only two times that I can really think of!

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Barked: Sat Mar 16, '13 7:45pm PST 
I don't generally have too(and try not to), but lately I think Dar has been trying to push my buttons. I was picking him up at my parents house and I took him out back to pee. He was all excited, ran around, spotted a kid playing basketball on the street and charged all barking and growling. He didn't pass the fence (post and rail) thank god, but I was SO MAD.I just yelled 'GET OVER HERE NOW!' which I think half the neighborhood heard. But Dar thought he was all awesome and stuff and took off in the other direction around the house. I followed him until he realized I wasn't giving up and when he sat his butt down, he got yelled at again and told to go into the house.inside, I was ignoring him and still fuming, but he just grabbed his bully stick and sat in my lap smile

Barked: Thu Mar 21, '13 7:30am PST 
Now and then. I really, really try not to as my dog is extraordinarily sensitive. For example, when I came home yesterday, she'd had an odd out accident. All I said was 'what did you do' and she has been cowering around me every time she sees me now. She acts like she's been beaten her whole life when the worst she's had is her collar grabbed when she's not listening and trying to put herself in a dangerous situation (normally directly involving other dogs), then she'll hit the ground. I feel awful and look even worse, so I try to be very very careful not to put pressure on her paper thin confidence. relieved

Now, my cats I could yell at all day and they wouldn't even give me a second look. Sometimes I snap at my really obnoxious cat because he will constantly scream at me all day and sometimes I just can't handle it anymore. Of course, then Kimi still cowers around like I'm a monster.

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