A New name? How do you teach it?`

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How do you teach a dog a new name?

I had tried to change jakes name when I first got him and failed miserably at it and so his name is still Jake. I'm asking so i don't have this problem with my next dog.

Though Jake was fitting i'd like to name my second dog myself.

So any tips?
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Use his name when you ask him to do something and give him a treat. Examples, "Jake come", "Jake sit", "Jake look", "Jake down", etc. When there is food involved, they tend to learn things quickly. Good Luck!

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Continual overuse is what worked for me.
Rigby was named "Jorja" by the shelter, and actually by the end of our first day I had her responding to Rigby instead.

Keep it consistent, if you're picking a name with a short form, use either the full name or the short form only. Just to avoid confusion for the first little while.

Every time she so much as looked at us when we said "Rigby" she got a treat, and a big deal was made over her. So the word "Rigby" in itself was a positive thing for her.

Then start incorporating commands in with it "Rigby Come" or "Rigby Sit"

If the dog is really bonded to their previous name, you can try to bond the names together "Jorja Rigby" and slowly fade out the former name.

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[Name] is the personalized attention-seeking word. Just as you can train multiple ways to say 'sit' or 'down' or 'come'... you can train multiple ways to say 'hey, you'. In truth, Charks, by now, responds to 'wolfie-dog' and 'wooly-buns' just as she does to Chark/Charks/Charka/Charkle-berry. If you just think about this as training a personal 'look-at-me'... not an issue. Use the name; reward attention to speed it up. Just using the name will accomplish the same goal. It will simply take longer for the dog to figure out what you are doing. thinking

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I read somewhere one way to teach a new name is to charge it like you would a clicker. Say the name and give the dog a treat.

Nicky already knew some commands when I adopted him so I just said his name first and eventually he made the connection.

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I did a lot of what was suggested above -- Guster does still also respond to his old name, Mozart -- sometimes more promptly! But it only took him a few days to get his new name.

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Callie's name at the shelter was Rusty, before that who knows...I told the shelter people on maybe the second visit-I went to see him for four days before I could take him home, he had to be fit into the clinic schedule for neuturing-that his name would be Callie and they started using it too. By the time he came home he knew who he was alreadylittle angel

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All of the other posters gave great advice. I did the same thing with Lexus, when we got her from the shelter her name was Nika which was to close to Mika our other dog, so we decided to change it.
All we really did was say her new name all the time, it took a couple days for her to start responding to it, but we just kept on with the " good girl Lexus, Lexus go pee, Lexus sit, Lexus lay down" all that stuff. And when we called her to us, just saying come her Lexus good girl Lexus......just constantly saying her name....they catch on eventually.

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We pretty much did the same thing with Louie as Lexus did. We just used his name normally, whether or not he knew it, and he eventually caught on after observing our use of "Louie" after a week or two. It's how we have done it with every other dog we have named and it has worked so far.
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At puppy preschool one way my trainer said to teach your dog his/ her name was to let them see you drop a treat on the ground, let them eat it, then as soon as they look back at you for more say their name and treat them again. As far as what I can work out anyway lol I did it a few times a day for a week with Rogue - he knew his name before that but this made his response to it really sharpen up and he responds ever so quickly to it now.