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Without going to the dog park?

I'm trying to figure out ways to socialize Ria more with other dogs. Classes right NOW aren't possible - later, absolutely, but at this very moment, we can't afford them because my fiance is moving jobs and we have other financial obligations.

Anything we can do on our own would be great though.

We did take her into the pet store I work in, but she was overwhelmed by all the newness of it and the smells and was practically crawling and nervous the entire time. Not overtly fearful, so much as just really uncertain and nervous. Still took treats willingly though, and with a gusto that is normal for her.

Now.. her reaction to new dogs depends on the dogs. With males, so far, her reaction upon first meet with them is to get down on her belly and lick at their face and let them sniff her before she gets all psychotically happy and bouncy again. She saw her first female in, well, four months for the first time about two weeks ago, and got really snarky with her. Likely due in part to it being a reaaalllyyy submissive(I hate that word, but there's really no other way to put Jersey's behavior) dog that she felt she could get bossy with, AND because she was just coming into her first heat. But her reaction still has me concerned. Jersey got down immediately, exposed her belly and attempted to appease my dogs. When she did this, Ria stood over her, sniffed at Jersey's face, then suddenly SNARLED at her. This was immediately dispelled as I won't allow snarky behavior and I won't allow fights to happen, but it still has me worried that she hasn't gotten nearly as much socialization as she should, and could. They have since met on a few other occasions on and off leash and Ria, while still REALLY rough and noisy, is no longer snapping at Jersey.

Any suggestions for where and how to meet other dogs? And how to make it a positive experience for her? I do not feel she is fit to go to a dog park despite her insane knack for obedience and recall, because of this snarky behavior. I do not need her starting a fight at a dog park or being rude to the wrong dog. She is only about eleven months old, and she's my first puppy, so this is all new to me.

She DID have playdates regularly with two females, and my own dog, and some friends male dogs as well for her first couple of months. However, in October, the two females moved away and she did not socialize with other females since then.

I'm just not sure where to look and I'm wondering if it's even a good idea taking her into pet stores to socialize her if it's so overwhelming for her to do.

Once she has finished greeting a new dog though, she CAN be really in your face and bouncy and what I'd really love is to find a dog that is willing to tell her off for her rude behavior. Charlie won't do it and my stepping in really isn't teaching her the proper doggy etiquette that she could otherwise learn from other canines. laugh out loud

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I recently had luck with searching for groups and new friends online. Facebook in particular, for my city anyways, has several dog groups. Some get together for walks, some play dates, some are just for discussion or looking for new homes. I think with a little online work, hopefully somewhere in your town or city, there are other dog people who would really like to get proper socialization outside of the dogpark. Which is VERY important for all dogs of all ages and I wish you luck!