8 yr old dog now hurting herself in her crate

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Our 8yr old beagle/german sheperd dog has started having problems in her crate. We had a crate with a pen attached to it for her when we are at work. She had been fine for years until a few months ago when she started moving the pen and crate across the room. The first time she was able to get to an artificial Christmas tree and chew the lights and wires. We tried stabalizing the pen by placing heavy containers around it however she was still able to move it. She started doing this every day, so we decided to detach the pen so that she only had the crate. For the past couple of days she has injured her nose. It looks like it is scratched. We feel awful for her, but we aren't sure what to do. We would love to leave her out during the day, but we know she would destroy our house. She barks at every dog or person that walks by our house and runs back and forth scratching the floor. She also sometimes jumps up and places her paws on our window blinds scratching them. Last night we purchased some calming pills from Petsmart hoping that would help. We are also going to try filling her kong toy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We are desperate to help her and keep her from hurting herself.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of separation anxiety. Read everything you can on it. Sounds like she has had anxiety for a while. You have to do things to desensitize her to your leaving, such as leaving for short periods of time over and over and over again. Other things to try:

calming dog music
pick up your keys and don't leave
put on your shoes and don't leave