Help Needed! My Dog is so Aggressive!!!

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Hi All, I need some urgent help with my dogs aggressive behaviour. I feel mesmerized to see such a harsh behaviour of Tommy. I need some real facts why my dog behaves so differently in comparison to others. My pet is new to me and to my whole family. Please give me some ideas to prevent it from becoming aggressive in future. cry

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We're going to need more information before we're able to be of any help. Is Tommy aggressive towards people or dogs? Could you describe the behavior? What is going on when he behaves aggressively? Does he have specific triggers that make him behave aggressively? Is he guarding his food, a toy, or a favorite spot? Has he been thoroughly examined by a vet? Are there other pets in the house? How old is he? Do you know his past history? How long have you had him?

I hope you're able to help your dog. hug

ETA: If Tommy is truly aggressive, I would highly recommend you hire a behaviorist, if that is possible.

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True aggression is best left to behaviorists. Real behaviorists. I'd see a Veterinary Behaviorists so they can determine if any medical issues are at hand, as well as for behavior modification.


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I second what Budro said. Without details we can't know what the type or the cause of your dog's aggression is, and those are two things that are crucial to helping it get over the behavior. There are different types of aggression, and using the wrong method of training on, for example, fear-based aggression could make it worse.

On top of telling us the dog's history, age, triggers, etc., we need to know what you do when it shows the aggressive behavior. It's possible that you might be inadvertently making the problem worse by reacting to it the wrong way.

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And just to add to what others are saying, "true aggression" means causing physical harm, such as muzzle punching or biting hard enough to break the skin. If you mean things like growling when someone comes near his food or lunging/snarling on a leash, these are things that are very common, and we can probably help with if you give us more information about what's happening.