Dog study needs participants to fill out an online survey

This is a place to gain some understanding of dog behavior and to assist people in training their dogs and dealing with common behavior problems, regardless of the method(s) used. This can cover the spectrum from non-aversive to traditional methods of dog training. There are many ways to train a dog. Please avoid aggressive responses, and counter ideas and opinions with which you don't agree with friendly and helpful advice. Please refrain from submitting posts that promote off-topic discussions. Keep in mind that you may be receiving advice from other dog owners and lovers... not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a trainer or behaviorist!

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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 8:26am PST 
Needed: Study participants who have only 1 dog. The dog should be between 1 and 6 years old, and you need to have had the dog for at least 6 months. If you fit the description, please consider participating in this study, which will take 15-25 minutes to complete. The survey is located here:

Ashley Davis (Canisius College) is conducting a survey-based study to further our understanding of the owner-dog relationship in the U.S.A. If you have any questions, please contact Ashley Davis (Davis67@my.canisius.edu) or Dr. Christy Hoffman (hoffmanc@canisius.edu) for more information. Please share this with anyone you know who meets study criteria. Thanks!
Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 9:06am PST 
Done way to go
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 9:09am PST 
I fit the profile except I'm Canadian. laugh out loud

Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 1:14pm PST 
Jewel, you DON'T fit with all those fosters living with you...they change everything!

Woo-woo- whineybutt
Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 1:28pm PST 
I did it because up until a few months ago i only had one dog.
Nothing changed by adding a pup, Nare is still my lover boy. cloud 9
Hope we helped
Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

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Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 4:30pm PST 
I haven't fit that profile since 1986 silenced laugh out loud
Augusta,- CGC, RN

Such a Good Dog!
Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 4:59pm PST 
I'd like to help, but we're over the age limit . . . . like so many things these days . . . .laugh out loud

Sassy Britches!
Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 5:08pm PST 
Doneblue dog
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 5:14pm PST 
Tiller, I haven't fit since the '70's, BOL!!!
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Thu Feb 7, '13 6:19pm PST 
Dang. I fit perfectly except I'm Australian! Sorry, you miss out on my amazing answers OP. laugh out loud
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