Perch Work Youtube Videos?

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In another thread a user posted video one to a very informative perch work video.
Unfortunately, that thread seems to have gone missing and therefore I can't message the person directly because I can't remember who it was red face

Anyways, not trying to stir up potentially closed threads or anything, I am just interested in informative videos to help me along with Rig's heelwork. I followed the first video that was posted but that particular user doesn't seem to have "part 2" posted.

And since I know relatively little about this, I'd really appreciate the help of another more informed user smile

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Rigby, just do a youtube search on perchwork and dogs. I think Risa's mom has one there!!

Don't know if this will take you there, but it should:

http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dogs+perchwor k&oq=dogs+perchwork&gs_l=youtube.3...1062.4034.0.4429. 200.791.12j1j1.14.0...0.0...1ac.1.iWpmK6HDzOw

here is Risa's mom's:


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I was going through the search last night, but I found a lot of differences.
Some very amateur, some didn't really explain what they were doing.

With my relatively slow internet it makes it a little time consuming to sift through it all. That's why I asked if anyone had any recommendations smile

Thanks for Risa's link!


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This is the video I used when I taught Cohen. I'm sure there are some other, perhaps better options out there these days.

Kikopup - Pivot

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This trainer breaks his down very well specifically for competition styled heeling and how you can use the pivot for that:


And as a perch suggestion for the physical object, those rubber feed tubs for livestock come in a bunch of different sizes and I've yet to meet a dog who finds the surface difficult to stand on or objectionable to their pads.

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Thank you Cohen and Zephyr!
I think I'm in love with Kikopups Splash lol.

I'm using a box for a drinking game I received as a gift for the perch...gotta get some use out of it right? silencedsilenced big laugh

Rigby is doing quite well with the turning around in front position, and pivoting with me while I move into her, it's just getting her into heel position that's proving to be my biggest challenge. But slowly, I think we're getting there.

Cobain on the other hand....if picking the box up and throwing it at me, then wandering away in a huff was what I was going for.... shrug Anything obedience work is just NOT his thing apparently

All of the videos so far have been a great help to me.

Ahhhh just got an email back from an old trainer of mine who says I'm more than welcome to come back to her class. Apparently she's got new experiences and has been personally working with some of the top trainers in the country.

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you're right, the thread is gone! Dogster must have ate it! And I forgot to save the video too, doggone it!

The poster who put up that great vid was Mulder.
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I searched Mulder's posts, and you were right (of course), it has disappeared into the ether. Perhaps you could pmail Mulder.thinking