Clicker training question

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Barked: Wed Jan 23, '13 3:27am PST 
Clicker training is a methodology. Training with a clicker is just...training with a clicker. No different than training with any other marker (and a clicker is not the required marker for clicker training).

Those who think that one HAS to click/treat after every behavior in a chain do not understand what clicker training is. In fact, one of the final tests for Karen Pryor Acedemy graduation is a 10 behavior chain (with at least 3 different types of cues). The reward comes at the end of the chain.
And if you backchain, that makes perfect sense because each cue in the chain rewards the behavior before it.

And Bob Bailey has said repeatedly that he is not a clicker trainer. Why doe she not consider himself a clicker trainer? Because he acknowledges that, less than a dozen times in his long career, he HAS used positive Punishment when life and limb depended on it and the owners insisted. In fact, in spite of the fact that he ran chicken camps for dog trainers, Bob Bailey does not think a clicker is needed for dog training at all. He views a clicker as a laser scalpel.

As to what anyone else does, well, that is their personal choice.

And again, the question was I was under the impression you always had to reward right after the click otherwise it ruins the effect?

And the answer is that you do not get the same changes in brain chemistry if you do not reinforce every click. You weaken the response (earlier I said counter condition and that was obviously wrong, you desensitize). That does not mean you can not USE the to mark, it is still a conditioned reinforcer, it is still effective, but it is not AS effective.
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