What to do about a neigbors barking dog

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Barked: Mon Jan 21, '13 7:09am PST 
A new neighbor recently moved into my neighborhood with her 2 dogs(a mutt and a dachshund). One of her dogs(not the dachshund) barks constantly whenever it is outside which tends to be the majority of the day. I have called AC and the police numerous times, but either she is not home or she brings the dog in as soon as they get there so there is nothing they can do. The dog was also left outside for 10-12 hrs yesterday with no shelter and if there was water it had to be frozen(it was only 20 degrees or less out). This is not a northern breed either. It has a pretty thin coat. It barked the entire 10-12 hrs it was out there with maybe a 10 min break every hr between the barking. I called the police and they called back saying no one was home so they couldn't do anything.

If the dog is outside I cannot let my dogs out without it barking it's head off continuously and then for at least another half hr after I let them in. My dogs are becoming increasingly agitated whenever they hear the dog barking for a half hr outside and become extremely restless when it carries on for more than an hr. I am a student and when this happens it becomes increasingly hard to study and get homework done.

I know dogs bark, but I always make sure my dogs come in within 5 mins, usually less, if their barking carries on. The owner knows he barks and doesn't seem to care. She will be standing outside and he will be carrying on and she won't do anything about it. This is just becoming a nuisance and I don't know what else to do besides calling AC and the police over and over until something is done. Any advice would be great.

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I would absolutely call the police and animal control every time the dog is tied out in the cold. Call your local representatives if you have to. Make such a nuisance of yourself that doing their job becomes easier than doing nothing. Document temperatures and length of time. Take pictures and video if possible. No one else is advocating for this poor creature, and that is flat-out abuse. I found this group via google. It says they are focused on strays, but maybe someone there could point you to an organization that can help? For your own dogs, if the barking comes and goes or gets better and worse, you can give treats when it's particularly bad. If not, all you can do is drown it out until the dog is removed from the home. I find that Classical Music for Dogs works well.