Dogs that chew sheets, comforters, pillows...Help!

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I have two dogs - a 3 year old beagle and a 2 year old mix (lab and boston terrier). We have had the lab-mix as a puppy and the beagle since she was about 1 1/2 - 2. The problem we are having is that one or both of them (still not sure which one because we have not caught them in the act) is consistently chewing our sheets and comforters. We did move about 6 months ago and all of a sudden in the past 2 months they have chewed at least 3 sets of sheets (little holes in the sheets - both fitted and flat) and 2 comforters. This is sometimes happening when they are alone for only about 1-2 hours.

We have no idea what has happened to make this behavior come on and are just looking for tips to stop it and correct it!!

Thanks for all the help!!!

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If my dogs were chewing my bedding to pieces when I left,I really wouldn't be worrying which one was doing it. both would be crated in separate crates everytime I left until I was sure I could begin to trust them by trying one at a time for short periods,then progressing to longer times,if the chewing started again they would go back in the crate and that would be the way things were while I was gone. Good Luck.

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I would do what the above poster suggested but if you don't have a crate I would gate off their access to the room or close the door so they can't get to the sheets and pillows. way to go

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I agree with both posts. Commom sense would tell someone to keep the bedroom door closed and off limits to the dogs. Dog knows when I'm not home Huck & Ringo are off limits to most of the house.

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Supervise them so they don't have the opportunity to chew things they shouldn't chew. When you can't supervise them, put them in crates. Make sure you give them plenty of appropriate chew toys and praise them and reward them with yummy treats when they chew on those toys.