He's skittish!

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The King of the- House
Barked: Mon Jan 14, '13 6:41pm PST 
This is from my Mommy: Please help me!!! I've tried everything now. I've had King since Sept. I also have a bichon named Cocoa. She's spoiled rotten more so to the point that if she wants to be petted, she'll move your hand so that it is positioned on her back so you are fulfilling her wish. But King on the other hand is quite the opposite. He'll lay by my feet, follow me from room to room and do the same but if I bend down to pick him up he runs. When he first comes out his cage all he wants is to be in my arms, and sometimes when we've walked for a while, he'll try to get me to pick him up, but I can't keep trying to chase the lil booger around. How can I have an effective training session with him if I can't get him to come near me....or if I have to search high and low for him? He's fast as lightning! I've tried putting a leash on him in order to be able to find where he's run off to and I've also tried walking them both twice a day so that way they get more exercise and more time with me, but he still won't come to me voluntarily unless I'm eating or getting in bed. I'm at my wits ends. I know that I'm not trained in dog handling, because otherwise I wouldn't be having this problem, but it makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong besides excpecting some kinda results after 4 months. Please if anyone can offer some guidance, I'm willing to try it. I'm always open to a new technique. TIA!