Small children and dogs unsupervised. Rant.

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 11:09am PST 
The issue here is not just the dog hurting the baby- but that SOMEONE THOUGHT IT WAS OK TO LEAVE AN 18 MONTH OLD HOME ALONE. Are they out of their minds???!!!! Who does that?? Forget being bitten by the dog- what if the baby gets her fingers stuck in the radiator and burns them- or pulls a knife off the counter- or falls and hits her head- or has some sort of health problem- or is hungry, thirsty, or afraid? I hope they meant that they did this for five minutes while they went to get the mail. Dogs are only acceptable nannies in Peter Pan. Does this woman seem unstable or possibly manic in other ways? How is her general parenting? If someone said that to me, I would be seriously considering calling child services. That's absolutely ridiculous.

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 11:17am PST 
Rigby, I saw that once in my neighborhood too. It was a kid walking a lab, but he was standing there hitting the dog while it just sat there frown

To answer the original question: Never never never never. I'm nervous about even leaving dogs together unattended!
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 3:22pm PST 
Rigby - that's INSANE! Omg.. That would terrify me. I have children coming around all the time asking to walk my dogs. They ALWAYS get a resounding NO. Ria is unmanageable on a leash - my fault. And Charlie doesn't walk well for anyone BUT me. I've allowed my younger sister(12) to walk Charlie before. But he had his halti on and I showed her how to properly walk him without injuring him. I also stayed RIGHT beside her the entire time. Luckily, she's very mature for her age and knows to do exactly what I ask of her in terms of caring for my dogs. But TWO dogs that could haul him out onto a street? And on a flexi no less? There isn't just the issue of the potential for the child to be hauled into the street, but also if he dropped the flexi leash and scared the dogs into bolting into the street too..

I can almost beat that though. There's a little girl around that age that walks TWO unruly Labradors in my neighborhood. I cringe when I see her walking them, and I ALWAYS put my dogs inside when I spot them coming, because those dogs WILL haul her right over to my dogs, and get right, rudely in my dogs face. The dogs did that to Ria once when she was only eight weeks old. Little girl was apologizing profusely, while tacking on "they're friendly!" Luckily, I've never had them charge Charlie like that. He WOULD NOT tolerate that. Those dogs also did that when my friend lived here with her Shepherd/Collie mix who was very very picky about what dogs she liked. She ended up in a fight with the Labs while everyone tried to separate them. Sigh.

Smokey - it's hard to call child services on her when I don't know her address and haven't SEEN any of this in action - child services out here, you have to jump through hoops just to get them to look into something. It took MONTHS of various family members calling on my uncle before they even willingly looked at the situation of abuse and neglect with him, and when they did, they gave him a heads up they were coming and he prepared, then took off for another province. That said, I believe she meant while she goes out for a cigarette(doesn't smoke in her house). I think she brought that up after people hounded her about it. And I'm not sure she'd actually leave her baby alone, so much as was trying to make a point(and a terrible one at that) about how much she trusts that dog alone with her child.

But yes, she does seem.. I dunno.. Manic Depressive or possibly Bipolar at times. She uses Facebook as her diary, essentially, so ANYTIME something negative happens, you read about it there. I brought it up to her at one point because it was getting concerning and she said "I have good days and bad days like anyone else." and I told her, "If people were to go by the things you say and post, it suggests every day is a bad day and that you don't have very good coping skills." and she just ignored it. I suggested help. She said her baby is what gets her through. Ugh.

There was one time though, when she and I reunited after about six years of not having seen one another, and she ended up staying over with her baby, had a few drinks, etc. I made the decision to stay sober - she brought the drinks. To boot, the next day she was trying to get me to babysit her daughter so she could go on a date. I refused. She's only eighteen if that gives you an idea.


Barked: Fri Jan 11, '13 7:50pm PST 
Goodness girl, I have no idea how you put up with all those nutcases around you. Gosh, I think I would've gone insane by now. I'm pretty sure you'll outparent the entire province of Alberta. laugh out loud

What are young kids doing outside by themselves in the first place? Aren't there laws against that? Last time I checked, there were also laws against leaving kids home alone before the age of 12. I would never ever consider leaving kids and dogs alone. Kids are kids, and dogs are animals after all, and like everyone else has said, it takes only one accident, and guess who gets blamed. I am also apalled at parents who think it's funny to let their kids maul their dogs. This is something I would never let any kid get away with. In fact the kids would be corrected by me right from the beginning.
Trixie Bean!

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Barked: Sat Jan 12, '13 5:12pm PST 
I was left in the car a couple of times with my grandparents Golden Retriever, and also left to play in the garden with him there.. Not home alone of course! He was a gentle, sweet dog though and I, even at 4-5 years old was very good with dogs.. And if I ever so much as sat down my darling Leo would be right by my side anyway- he used to wait by the door on a friday, knowing that i'd be going round to their house cloud 9

In saying that.. No. I wouldnt leave a child alone with a dog, no way how! As has been said by everyone, there are far too many things that could go wrong.

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Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 1:43pm PST 
I was just wondering, do you guys believe this applies to bull breeds only? Would you leave two terriers alone? Two hounds? Labs?
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 2:46pm PST 
Guest, this pertains to leaving CHILDREN alone with dogs. Not dogs with dogs.
Ava & Nix

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Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 3:51pm PST 
Guest, I wouldn't leave a pit bull alone with a kid, or a lab, or a golden, border collie, husky... anything. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

Nix is OK with children, but no matter what, I always remember in the back of my mind: yes he's being polite, because he was taught to be, but that doesn't mean he likes kids. In fact, he doesn't like them, and he prefers not to interact with them.

Ava loves kids, but I'd never let her play with any unsupervised. In fact, other than for socializing-purposes when they were puppies, they never play with kids at all, because the only young kids in my family are all the way on the opposite side of the country, and my fiance's family's youngest members are in their 20's. wink

Tuff Enuff!
Barked: Sun Jan 13, '13 8:48pm PST 
No it doesn't apply to Bully breeds only...ANY breed.
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