First Dog OVer-Stressed Due to New Second Dog

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '13 8:22pm PST 
Has anyone ever had a dog that got so stressed out that you got a second dog, that the first dog throws up, won't eat, gets diarea and possibly stress collitis?

First dog is a female Australian Sheperd Mix and we think the second dog is a male beagle mix (possibly with pitt bull or boxer). Both are spayed/neutered, but the second male dog constantly wants to hump our first dog, who just hides in her crate all day with sad eyes looking at us. Lots of panting also.

She also gets very stressed out when i have to tell the second dog sit, off, etc. she'll cringe like i'm correcting her but i'm correcting the second dog.

Our first dog is actually more of a people dog.. our petsitter said she fits in fine with her pack and that she will actually play some with the other dogs. At the dog park, she doesn't play with other dogs so much, but she will run and herd the first dog when a bunch are running togehter, then when the running stops she comes back to us.

Is my fist dog just not cut out to have a second dog in the family? Has anyone had a similar situation where it ended up working out??

Thanks so much in advance!

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Barked: Fri Jan 4, '13 6:46am PST 
First take her to the vet to rule out any medical issues.
Then I would seperate the 2 dogs, work on teaching the male some manners and make sure your girl is getting enough time and attention. She sounds really sensitive and it is possible that he just isn't a good fit for her.

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Don't tell the male dog "off" when he's humping her. That obviously isn't enough of a correction to stop the behavior. When he does this, you immediately take his collar, lead him into another room, and shut the door for several minutes (or until he's calm). He needs to understand that the behavior will not be tolerated, and if he does it, he is separated from the rest of the family. You do this EVERY time he does it, and the behavior will stop entirely. It isn't fair to your first dog to have to put up with that. If she won't correct him herself, you need to do it for her.