trying to have resident dogs accept dogsitting dog

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One of my dogs very much dislikes other dogs in our house unless they are already dog friends.
Poses a problem when we dog sit or foster.
He's message seems to be saying -stay 3 ft away from me at all times. I do know if he is over stressed he will bite eventually.
I recently just read something on the bathroom trick, taking the dog into the bathroom when growling or acting inappropriate and shutting door leaving him alone for 30 seconds. I haven't tried this yet. I stopped yelling at him for growling because I started to notice his warning was leaving him. I didn't want to create the silent killer.
Any.other ideas? I do a lot of home training myself so I'd like to work on it at home it's just hard with him.
He is not any means totally dog aggressive he makes play friends.at dog park, can meet and great on walks etc.

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If he dislikes dogs, and you know this, then I would stop bringing dogs into the home.. He was there first. confused

How does he do in public?
It might be possible that he will 'accept' other dogs if they meet on neutral ground and get walked together.

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When these new dogs are introduced to yours, is it in your house?
If so, that could be what's creating the tension with your dog.

Maybe try introducing them on more neutral ground - such as the dog park that you mentioned.

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Tucker, you posted this exact same topic 6 months ago.

The advice doesn't change. Accept who your dog is, respect it, and either change careers or find ways to deal with it.

You can ask around until you find someone who will tell you what you want to hear, if that's what you want. But taking bad advice is a set up for disaster - especially in this situation - even if it is the advice you wanted to hear.

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Quite honestly it's only this dog he acts this way with and both of my dogs have a hard time accepting him which isnt normal.
I have chatted with some trainers and I am fully willing to pay all of my life savings if needed but I'm not fond of the trainer methods I have talked to. Which has been a few different ones.
I refuse to use a positive only trainer or a negative-dominance bases only trainer.
I worked with "the best" trainer for my other dog 8 yrs ago and decided he wasn't the best. Granted I worked with him myself and had better forever results.
I posted this 6 months ago probably cause I'm.watching the same doodle.
Until I find a trainer I like I'm researching this on my own. The last one that came over believed in only shock.collars. so he was a no. I'm not the average dog owner. Trust me I meet them everyday. I have successfully helped train other peoples dogs. So me finding an acceptable trainer is hard. I keep them separated for the most part due to his extreme dislike to him. But I am wrapping my brain around why and how to change it.