Dog attacking cats?

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Barked: Wed Dec 26, '12 2:52pm PST 
Well, just got news that Koda attacked Sassy over a bone the other day. Is it normal when you've got two dogs in a house to fight every now and then? I wouldn't think so... He's never done that before... Sorry, I've never had two dogs in the house at the same time before...
Ember FDX

Go Go Devil- Bunnies!
Barked: Mon Dec 31, '12 1:41pm PST 
Resource guarding - also very common in Huskies. Since you're already in contact with a behaviorist, they can help with you this as well. It's very fixable between dogs and humans, and can be worked on between dogs but often requires some degree of management for life. For now, keep all desirable toys and treats off the floor and only let the dogs enjoy them when they are separated. Suggested reading for resource guarding is Mine! by Jean Donaldson.

It's normal for any beings who interact closely to come into conflict occasionally. What's important is how the conflict is handled by those involved. Stable dogs are capable of communicating their discomfort, apologizing and choosing to walk away. Of course, a brand-new rescue is not stable - they're in emotional upheaval. It's important to recognize this and work with it.

I consider all-out fights between dogs to be a failure of management (in this case, a resource guarder had access to resources he shouldn't have - which you didn't know, but have now learned) and a sign I need to change something in the household or work harder on training or management I'm already doing.

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Barked: Mon Dec 31, '12 4:20pm PST 
Like Ember says all critters living together will have their disagreements and in a happy household they can work it out between themselves. But it's about the degree that they have conflict. In our house when Callie gets too rough playing, Sophie loudly tells him to back off...and he always does...instantly. The same when she has a rawhide designated hers, she'll give some "This is mine" sharp barks and Callie lays in the hall until she lets him in. Callie obeys Sophie like a Momma Dog.
I might add that both dogs back down to our cats, Callie has scars that make it look like his nose was sewn on, but he learned not to sniff too closely. But once again it's about how HE reacted...a bleeding claw mark and he ran away from the cat for safety. Some dogs would have finished off the cat then and there.

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