Scared Lulu chihuahua mix

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Ok lulu is now going to be 8 months.... Ever since she was rush by all the small dogs at the dog park she is so terrify of people. She's not scared by her other sister Lola or Lily... Or by my husband or my 2 daughters. Just strangers or people she's not use to on a daily basis. I have a rule when people come to my house to not look or touch dogs when they come in to my house. To allow dogs come to sniff them. The other 2 do ok. However Lulu does it but very timidly. My dogs are small, probably 6lbs at that. They do like to be carried and cuddled. But if someone other than us tries, Lulu gets so scare and shakes so much and tries to run off. She is a wild one when its just us and our other dogs. I normally have people over and I'm going to for Xmas day... So how can I get her to be comfortable? My niece will Also be bringing her chihuahua mix that day. Lulu has met him before but didn't take much interest. She was also scared when the dog try to sniff her. Please advice me... She's such a playful dog with Lola n Lily and with us

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She sounds unsocialized.

There's no reason why dogs rushing her at the dog park would make her afraid of people. That's purely the result of not exposing her to enough people.

Chihuahua's are an attach to one person type breed, but she should still be able to tolerate others handling her without fear. She definitely needs more interactions with other dogs (outside of the ones in your immediate family) if she's going to learn to interact with them appropriately as well.

Have you considered enrolling her in any type of obedience class?

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For the holidays, you could set up an area where she feels safe and make a rule that nobody bothers her when she's in there.

For example, if you have a crate, you can set it up in a quiet place where she can head to if she's really overwhelmed. It'll be a nice place she can go to to help ease her mind.

Not all dogs are going to be extremely social, even if they only have positive experience. But you can definitely get her to be more comfortable in the presence of strangers.

Don't make a big issue of it. It'll come with time. You can set out treats Lulu really likes when your guests are over and tell them that they can toss Lulu some treats if they'd like to.