Animal Cops.. Dumb..?

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Until there's- none.....
Barked: Mon Dec 3, '12 10:33am PST 
I think that is one place rescue plays a very valuable role. ALL of the dogs we pull are in back rooms for one reason or another. Of all the behaviorally challenged dogs I have pulled, there is only 1 I have found to be a true risk to the public (ie Asher).

I find the behaviorally challenged dogs to be no different from the ones who have health issues. The healthy, happy, friendly ones get adopted. The ones we pull need a little more work, either medically or behaviorally. So we (rescues) invest our time and money (what little we have of both) making the back room, up for euth dogs into adoptable pets.

Most of the dogs trucked up to us from the south have medical issues that would get them euthed. Most of the dogs we pull locally are a mix, some, like Ash, are to be euthed for behavioral issues, some, like the emaciated boston momma who just had a litter of pups in our rescue are to be euthed because the shelters can't afford to properly vet them.

either way, I hate hate the assess-a-pet test. I agree it is designed to fail dogs. My 27 year old son would fail that test on a good day.
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