Digging under neighbor fence

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Barked: Mon Nov 19, '12 6:25pm PST 
Ok so this is a massively long story but I'll be brief as possible.

I have this next door neighbor, we share a fence. We met in April and got to know each other well over the spring/summer and he got to really know and like my dogs. My dog grew very attached to him. Anyway, in september I stupidly "Assumed" we were friends and gave him a get well card for his surgery and since my dogs are therapy dogs offered to bring them to visit when he recovered. We did this before when he had part 1 of surgery in June and he seemed happy with it, however I was in England then so I did not give a card
Anyway I also offered to help him out and included my # in case he needed it, I figure neighbors share numbers. Well he got upset about it. He got really annoyed that I "bothered" him with cutesey cards etc and honestly I think he thought I was hitting on him because of some things he said.

Well my dog has had a hell of a time with it and began digging to get to him whenever he was outside. I did my best to stop it but I was not always around when he did it. So we buried them and blocked them etc I did not wanna make things worse

Well end of Oct my neighbor randomly starts talking to me again, we talked maybe 5 minutes or so about a few things one of which was the holes, they went through to his side and I felt bad so I offered to pay and he smiled and said "No worries" we had a few laughs and things seemed good, he has been waving/smiling at me since too

Anyway I wanna know... 1-- do you think the ONLY reason he began talking to me again is this hole thing or do you think he is over his issues? I ask because if I see him out when I am walking, I'd love to bring my dog up for a few pets so he can get his fix, he has been pulling me to the yard daily since then.

2-- was it right/wrong of me to ask to pay and do you think he really is not upset about it or should I be expecting to be sued or something?

Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 6:43am PST 
Hard to say without knowing the guy. What was the surgery btw? Sometimes people can get really emotional with a surgery, so that may have been a big player in it.

Personally, I'd fix the holes and offer to replant any grass or whatever was on his side. I'd keep offering for a bit whenever we'd meet. Some people just out of habit like to refuse kind offers like that, so if you insist, they may accept and see that your offer is genuine too. And if they still decline, well, you made a valid attempt to fix it, and they can't argue with it.

For them to sue you over holes you've offered to fix is ludicrous. And quite honestly, if you've offered to fix them and they refused the offer, I don't see how they could successfully sue you over such a minute thing. Some people are goofy though.

I'd just continue to be a friendly neighbor. You never know what issues people may have been having at a moment like that.

And as for digging under the fence, is your dog finicky about their own poop? Kato would dig under the fence, and the only thing that stopped him was when I put some of his poo along the fence line as he does not like touching poo.

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Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 8:17am PST 
For his hand, carpol tunnel

I don't wanna be a pest about it and keep bringing it up. I already "annoyed" him with the card so I don't wanna keep bothering people. I just wanna be on good terms because the awkwardness suks

I just raked piles of leaves in the holes and he is leaving them alone. Like I said, If I am around, he will stop, but sometimes I am not home and my folks are not on top of it.

I guess it was stupid to get my hopes up that he was over it and him and my dog could still be buddies, I thought it was a good sign but probably not. I wish I could fix it. I have learned to never do anything like that for someone though. Ever. Not gonna risk it.

At least I can not have to worry about being sued.

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Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 12:23pm PST 
I find it strange that he'd have an issue with neighborly concern. I live in a cul-de-sac and all of us have exchanged numbers, tell each other if we're doing out of town, pet each other's dogs, chat if we're out, etc. Perfectly normal if you ask me.

I'd be weirded out by a neighbor that responded aggressively to pleasantries, whatever the circumstance. shrug

For digging under fences, we have chicken wire (cheap metal fencing from home depot) buried about 1-2' deep straight down, then blocks to keep it down, then dirt back on top of that, then another row of blocks. (We have an escape artist who has us well trained, haha)

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Barked: Tue Nov 20, '12 1:19pm PST 
I agree, thats why I THOUGHT it was ok. I never said call me or anything, it was merely a number and written "in case you need anything" but I think the major age gap has to do with it. My grandma seems to think he assumes I was hitting on him as he brought up the age gap in his rant....

None the less. my dog still loves him and misses him. I still believe he is a good person, just a bit weird about things so I miss talking to him and hope we can be "Friendly" again because I always worry a bit that he might report us for stuff with our dogs if we tick him off.

Hole issue itself is solved... until winter ha, but my dogs since they are huskies, just dig holes in the snow, not the ground and, burrow in them. The leaves seem to be helping for now anyway. I feel stupid like I totally misread things and assumed we were friends when I should not of and this sadly even caused me not to give a neighbor a card who lost her dog, out of fear.

I still am my friendly self though and now since her dog died, its only us on the block with dogs. Anyway... sorry to ramble. I was just a bit concerned he might of been "only being nice again" because of the holes and I was too excited/relieved for nothing and worried he might not of been serious about the yard but its his mom's house not his so maybe he doesnt care