Looking For Some New Tricks I Can Teach Her

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Crazy Ball'O Fur
Barked: Sat Nov 17, '12 9:26am PST 
Hello again,

So at Thanks Giving, everyone would like me to do a show of Bella's tricks, however most of the ones she knows aren't very flashy, so I'd like to here if anyone has any ideas of some really cool tricks I could teach her. (Have a mental block of tricks I could teach since she already knows so many!)

So these are the tricks I plan to have her do so far...

Dance- Spin in a circle on her back legs
Sit- Both with just the word and with just a hand motion
High Five- Both Low five and high five
Target- Touching my hand both with just word and just hand motion
Down- Both with just word and with just hand motion
Leave It- She does this really cute, she actually moves away from the treat if I put it close to her, I'll have to take a video of it sometime.
Head Down- I put a toy on top of her paws and tell the head down and she puts her head down on top of the toy
Lick- She licks her nose
Bark- She barks
Which hand- I put a treat in my hand, switch it around between hands and then ask her "Which hand" She scratches at the hand the treat is in, Most of the time she is wrong, but it's still cute. big laugh
Cry- She does this odd crying sound on cue

And that's about it...Any ideas?

Barked: Sat Nov 17, '12 9:55am PST 
Have a look at Kikopup's videos on youtube she shows a lot of tricks or Nana the border collie.

Weave through your legs/figure of 8
Say your prayers put's her paws up on your arm and her head between them

I\\\'ll do- anything for a- treat!
Barked: Sat Nov 17, '12 11:21am PST 
People like when Lupi puts her toys away and closes the lid of her toy box.
Any sort of retrieve is cute, especially if you teach her to take things to certain people. An easy one is to teach her to pick up and hand you things you drop, to the cue "oops!".
You can also teach her "go hide" and get her to stick her head under a couch or chair. Looks really cute because it's as if they think you can't see them since they can't see you!
She already knows "leave it" but you could work on placing treats on her paws and nose and having her wait for the cue to eat them.
I can't remember if you mentioned roll-over or play dead? Those are good stand-by tricks.


Crazy Ball'O Fur
Barked: Sat Nov 17, '12 12:00pm PST 
Thanks everyone, I have yet to teach her roll over or play dead because for some reason I just don't understand how to teach those, I've watched videos and such on how to but I just can never get a hang on it. Though I can teach her to close and open a door I can't teach her to play dead or roll over. shrug big laugh

I\\\'ll do- anything for a- treat!
Barked: Sat Nov 17, '12 12:19pm PST 
I had a hard time teaching play dead and roll over with Lupi too! I couldn't lure it, so I had to capture it. If you use a clicker, capturing is a little easier, but it works if you're quick with a food reward too. Try getting her to roll around by playing with her, or catch her rolling in something, or next time you bathe her, watch to see if she rolls on the carpet to dry off. If she ever rolls over on her own, quickly click, treat and praise like crazy. As she starts to understand what she's getting rewarded for you can click at different times, either when she's on her back or side, and mark that with your "play dead" cue.
In Lupi's case, I happened to have some baloney in hand when she rolled over one day while playing. It was a "jackpot" reward for her and she made the connection immediately.

I am Fearless
Barked: Sat Nov 17, '12 2:17pm PST 
it is really amazing at many dog tricks you can teach your dog, Mozart knows I think 26 now I love teaching him new tricks and he loves learning new tricks. I have to admit I put more time and training into his tricks then his obedience oh welllaugh out loud

I will name a few of my favorite tricks that he knows


roll in a blanket and go to sleep

Your Feet on Mine(he puts his paws on my feet and then we walk everyone loves this trick and they always seem to laugh.

Scratch my Back( he just learned this one today, he puts his paws on my back and scratches my back with both of his paws super cute and I think funny)

weave (it is a figure 8 through my legs which looks very impressive)

cross paws ( he crosses his paw over the other paw and looks so polite)

put toys away (he picks up about 5 of his toys and puts them away in his basket)

Hide ( he hides behind a pillow this trick is really easy to teach)

If you want to teach any of the tricks I mention just paw mail me and I can help explain how I taught them also youtube is really good for looking up and watching how to teach dog tricks)

Crazy Ball'O Fur
Barked: Sat Nov 17, '12 3:25pm PST 
Mozart, I love those tricks, they sound very cute, do you have any tips on how you teach them?
Alva BH

I ordered the- best dog for me- & got her
Barked: Sun Nov 18, '12 10:06am PST 
Leg weave is easy to teach. Just lure with a treat or use a target stick to make your dog to walk between your feet, go around one and then repeat into another direction. Then you fade the lure and add a command. This trick can be varied - you can walk backwards or stand still or the dog can walk backwards (tho is maybe a bit more difficult to teach).

I put my hand under my dog's belly and lure her to lie down with my other hand. Then I rewarded for bow position and fade my under-belly hand. This was very difficult with Alva because she has pretty strong down and tried to offer it all the time. But eventually she understood I wanted her to have her butt up and front down. It might be easier if your dog hasn't been taught to lie down by luring.

Probably the most difficult trick I've taught Alva. She could not understand why I wanted her to walk when one of her paws was in the air.

Cross paws
Alva lies down and crosses her paws. She knows how to give paw when I hold my hand in a certain position. I used my hand as a paw target and placed it near her left paw. She gave me the right. Rewarded. Then I put my hand on her left paw and when she touched it with her right I rewarded. Then she had to stretch her right paw over her left to reach my hand. I rewarded. Then I faded my hand, at first I touched a spot on her left side, she tried her right paw and finally I could leave the hand help out.

Alva lies down. I take a lure past her head and over her back. She has to bend herself to reach it. I reward. Some trials later I increase the difficulty. She squirms her hind legs. I reward. She is reluctant to squirm her front and have it into another directions than upright. But I get her to lie on her side. Then she must gain trust to roll on her back. Thereafter it is easy fade work. If she squirmed into wrong direction I removed the lure and try again.
Netta's spectacular trick where she dropped "dead" and lied on her side. I lured her into a bow and then to roll on her side. Her anticipation did the rest of the trick. I was actually training her so that if I had tried to lift her she would have lied still. I've tried to teach this to Alva, but it's still a work-in-progress. I tried to link Netta "dying" and making a bow above.

Close the door
I taught Alva to touch a piece of tape and then attached it onto a closet door. So she learned to touch the door. Next I opened it a bit and after a plain touch was no more accepted she, frustrated, offered to push it and got a reward. Then I opened the door/drawer more and more. I also taught her that the clanking of the door produces a treat - she wants to push the door until she hears a clank.

Unwear my socks
I partially shaped this one. I held my woollen sock in front of her. She knew then that the trick had something to do with it. She offered touching it. Reward. Then, I wanted her to grip it. She did (remembers retrieve training). Then I wore the sock like a glove, loosely on my hand and she grap it. During next trials I expected her to pull it for rewards that she did. I noticed I cannot use this trick if I don't want to end with socks with holes. My socks are probably too tight. But gloves are ok for Alva.