What should I have done....so embarassed

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My pup just turned one year old. We live way out in the country...houses not close together. To socialize her we have taken her to a doggy daycare which she loves, taken her into our small town for walks and we take her to a groomer where she is exposed to other dogs. I should also tell you that in the course of our walks in town we have never run into another dog to greet. Some new folks moved in down the road from us and they walked down the road in front of our house with their two pups...a golden and an aussie. We thought it would be neat to go say hi to them and so we took Keeva with us. Well, it was awful I thought. We introduced ourselves and they in turn introduced themselves and their dogs. All the time we were trying to converse Keeva barked. She got up close to their puppys....no nipping or anything like that but she just barked and barked to the point we could not stop her so just said "Well, I guess this wasn't such a good idea" and left to go back to our house. Why did she do this? Do you think she did it because she thinks the road is hers (we don't have many other dogs around.) When she does spot one running down the road she barks at them from inside our house but this is the first time we encountered a dog outside with her.
What would have been the best way to handle this?red face

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It sounds like she was overstimulated.

I would suggest picking up a copy of Control Unleashed and Scaredy Dog (Scaredy Dog is for reactive dogs, but the exercises work well for impulse control challenged dogs too).

There are lots of things you can do to help her.