Quick Heel Question

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Barked: Thu Nov 8, '12 10:21am PST 
Finicky competiton OB is my favorite. I love the precision and the expectations and the different methods for training are fascinating.

And yes, it's very easy to make heelwork boring especially when spacing out your rewards. I have to train steps at a time between play sessions.

I'm not lazy,- I'm just waiting- to play..
Barked: Thu Nov 8, '12 10:42am PST 
Well, honestly, my requirements aren't that high. He has a hunters heel, not an obedience heel. I do love watching the dog and handler do really great heeling though. It really is just amazing to watch. I just want Dar not to get run over by a bike if we are off leash hiking( and maybe, just possibly, be able to rollerblade off leash with me at a rail trail we go to). I was originally trying to train for him to be right next to me but he had a natural tedency to be a little behind, so I went with what was natural for him.

I do think I will work on heel position a little more as well as obedience turns and spins. I do think that will help keep him engaged more in what we are doing. Right now I practice mostly around my apartment complex. We heel to a different yard and I release him to go sniff. And then off to the next building. I was actually a little surprised last night because we were training in the appartment and I did a sharp turn and he moved his butt over...and when I did a tight circle into him he moved his butt around way more than his front paws... rear end awareness here we come!

And text I wouldn't say it is stress at all, he just likes to sniff. Yesterday morning we were walking back to our door and he just turned on a dime and started trotting back and to the right and then went sniffing. It's just what he does shrug I have a 'no going backwards' rule on walks because he likes to just turn and run back to sniff something.... Focus here we come!big grin
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